If being a mom had a salary, it would be six figures | Rogersville

It is impossible, of course, to put a monetary value on what mothers do for their families.

Nevertheless, if you try, here is an estimate of the type of salary they could earn.


One expert put the number of jobs an average mother has at 18, when you factor in everything she’s typically responsible for. That would bring in salaries of about $116,000 in 2021, according to Insure.com — up from nearly $94,000, due to growing pandemic responsibilities. Salary.com took into account their roles as both COO and CFO of the family, and placed the mothers at an even higher salary: $184,820. Time spent on these two responsibilities alone has doubled to more than 20 hours a week since the pandemic began, according to Salary.com’s assessment.


The US Department of Labor’s US Time Use Survey found that stay-at-home moms with a child under 18 spent nearly 6.5 hours a day on housework and child care. Almost half of that time was spent with the child, while household and food chores took almost four hours longer. The rest of the day was spent running errands and odd jobs around the house. Multiply the number of hours the mother spends on these tasks by the typical hourly wage of those working professionally in these industries, and you’ll have a rough idea of ​​what she could earn. For example, the Labor Department puts the median hourly wage for child care workers at $11.57, so mothers would earn about $29.62 a day when they spend 2.56 hours a day on child care. children. Using these same calculations, mothers would earn more than $41 a day if they were also paid like chefs.


We live in the so-called gig economy, where more and more people are working multiple or hybrid jobs.

Moms have always worked that way, carrying a closet full of hats. They are the CEO of the family, the educational advisor and the accountant. They are the daycare worker, the dietitian, the event planner and the executive housekeeper. They are the interior designer, the judge and the magistrate and the tailor. They are the life coach, the photographer and the plumber.

And unlike all those workers in companies around the world, most moms do it all for a simple “thank you” — and that’s really what Mother’s Day is all about.