Incidents involving phone snatching and car thefts on the rise in the capital – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Mobile phone thefts and car thefts have increased in the federal capital over the past week, as armed individuals seized 32 mobile phones and car thieves stole 74 vehicles in different parts of the city.

According to data collected by company registrar, the municipal police also recorded 12 cases of robbery and 11 cases of purse robbery at gunpoint. During the same period, criminal gangs were most active within the confines of Golra, Sabzi Mandi, Ramna, Kohsar and Karachi Company police stations.

Car thieves also remained active in the city over the past week and snatched or stole 74 vehicles, including 64 motorcycles and 10 cars.

The 64 stolen or snatched bicycles bore registration numbers, ABP-332 of Muhammad Juaind, AMP-326 of Hashm Ali, a bicycle of Zahid Ali, AHJ-6598 of Muhammad Ali, ER-626 of Mubeen Khan, BVR-97 from Umer Wali Khan, MAK-0841 from Johar Khan, AMN-264 from Faisan Ubaid, RIR-6342 from Malik Muhamamd, an APF bicycle from Numan Sharif, BCN-197 from Farhan, BTP-7 from Muhammad Usman and RIN-6552 by Abdul Majid, STIK-2650 by Muhammad Alyas.

The stolen bikes also include APF motorcycle for Huzaf Muhammad, Shan’s motorcycle, Bilal Ali’s BPQ-497, Zia Ullah’s AWN-639, Kamran Haider’s RIP-2617, Zahid Mehmood’s motorcycle, Dost Muhammad’s BER-708 , Muhammad Shah’s GTC -44639, Fahad’s BVP-635 bicycle, Muhammad Adeel’s bicycle, Muhammad Rohail’s bicycle, Zeeshan’s ADP-554 bicycle, Raja Aflal’s ASN-109, Adnan Javed’s AML-975 bicycle, ASQ bicycle – 934 by Muhammad Sohail, BJM-991 by Faisal Iqbal, ASM-728 by Abdul Jabbar, LE3Q-1735 by Muneebul Haq, AJM-039 by Ehtisham Qadir and CHK-2455 by Muhammad Baqir.

Similarly, carjackers also stole 10 cars including LFZ-3852 from Aamir Shehzad, AFV-319 from Taj Muhammad Khan, LEF-1453 from Aamir Khan, Suzuki van ABM-842 from Inam Ullah, LEB-8436 from Tabsum Rasheed, a car of Muhammad Shafiq, LC-763 of Muhammad Waheed, FD-855 of Asad Mehmood, and lifted a car LRL-2126 of Imran Ullah.

In the past week, Golra Police recorded seven cases of car theft, four cases of mobile phone theft, two cases of theft at gunpoint and one case of robbery.

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