Inter remain calm amid club’s Italian capital gains police investigation into player transfers, Italian media report

Inter remain calm despite continuing investigations into possible capital gains irregularities over transfers, including some transfers involving the Nerazzurri.

This according to today’s print edition of the Milanese newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, which reports that the Nerazzurri believe that the documents collected by the police yesterday were simply part of the smooth running of the investigation and that all their transfers are in order. .

It was widely reported yesterday that the Italian federal prosecutor’s office sent officials to collect documents relating to transfers from the COVISOC office within the Italian federation, as part of their ongoing investigation into capital gains irregularities in football transfers.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office collected documents relating to a total of 62 transfers involving Italian clubs, 42 of which involved Juventus.

A number of transfers they are investigating are transfers made by Inter during the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons, including those of Andrea Pinamonti, Davide Bettella and Andrei Radu.

However, the Nerazzurri are calm about the situation as they do not believe that anything contained in the financial statements of any of these transfers contains evidence of capital gains irregularities, and that all of these transfers were carried out in accordance with the rules.