January 6, 2021: The day the US capital was violently raped by a misled mob | Rogersville

On January 6, 2021, hundreds of angry protesters stormed the US Capitol building in an effort to “stop the theft” of the 2020 presidential election.

Former President Donald Trump had addressed the crowd shortly before they walked down the street to confront Capitol police officers who had erected barricades around the building. In the ensuing chaos, many police officers and protesters were seriously injured.

Ultimately, a Capitol police officer died as a result of the day’s events, and a female veteran was shot by security guards as she tried to force open the door to the Senate Chamber. All because they mistakenly believed they could prevent the US Congress from certifying the election results and officially declaring Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the winners.

You see, the protesters were misled into believing that the presidential election was “stolen” by the Democrats who were monitoring the election results to make sure Joe and Kamal would win. The truth is that the 2020 presidential election was “bought” by the International Billionaires Boys Club, who hated Donald Trump and wanted him out of office at all costs.

The problem with Donald was that as a former member of the Club, he left the organization, became a man of the people, a “Rogue” president they couldn’t control, and put on “America First” , instead of their first “New World Order” policy.

Knowing that Joe had served as vice president under President Barack Obama’s administration, when the Boys Club was steadily gaining ground, they formulated a plan several years before the 2020 election to get Trump and Biden out of the Oval Office. Since they owned all the major TV news networks, newspapers, and social media services on the Internet, they could trash President Trump, all day, every day while he was in office.

Have you ever noticed how, from 2018 to the 2020 election, you never saw a “good” picture of Trump? Everyone I saw had him put on a weird, weird expression on his face. Have you ever noticed how female reporters covering a story about Trump on major TV stations always had an ugly frown when talking about Trump, but always had happy, happy smiles on their faces when talking about Joe and Kamala? This was all planned and orchestrated by their bosses at the Boys Club who own all these media networks.

When you control 95% of the media in the United States, you can influence the American public to vote the way you want. Constantly bombarding them with stories about Trump’s horrible and untrustworthy persona, and having him impeached twice would negatively influence many voters. The impeachment charges could not be proven, but the damage was done.

These billionaires had learned from Hitler and Stalin the power of propaganda. By always showing your opponents as ugly, stupid, substandard people, people won’t vote for them. By showing your chosen candidates as caring and good people, the masses will vote for them. Everything is spectacle and acting.

In the election, the billionaires managed to funnel $900 million into the campaign coffers to elect Joe and Kamala. They probably spent more than that in the two years before the election to discredit

President Trump at every turn. They also had Democrat “volunteers” (who were well paid) in all major cities who did voter registration and community service for poor minorities, who normally wouldn’t vote. After registering them to vote, they would befriend them, transport them around town, register them with social services, and tell them to vote for their friends….

Democratic candidates. These people had no idea what the issues were, but knew their “friends” were helping them and telling them to vote Democrat.

The boys were also smart enough to advise Joe to choose a black woman as his running mate. This ensured that he would get a very large percentage of black and female voters, who make up a huge electoral bloc nationwide. True, Donald got 85% of white voters, but they are now a minority. The Hispanic vote likely split 50-50. Eastern Hispanics of Cuban, Colombian, Venezuelan and Puerto Rican descent have gone pro-Trump.

Western Hispanics of Mexican and Central American descent have turned pro-Biden. So when you add up all the numbers, Biden wins by five million “bought” votes. Sorry misled guys, it wasn’t “stolen”, it was easily “bought”. And now 700 of you are facing federal crimes in court and likely going to jail or jail. If you really understood who stole the election, you would have been protesting at corporate headquarters that donated huge sums of money to the Super Pacs that funded Joe and Kamala’s campaign.

You may also have investigated and exposed the people who, behind the scenes, paid the “volunteers” who transported large numbers of voters on Election Day to the polls to vote for Joe and Kamala. There was a political leader named Boss Tweed who used to round up and pay immigrants to New York to vote for his hand-picked candidates in the mid-1800s. This ensured his illegal hold on the city would last for years. decades… and of course, that made him a very wealthy man. Apparently times have not changed.

Sorry the misled crowd, you should have faced the cause of voter fraud, not the end result of it. Because even though you could have stopped the vote that day, the next day the vote would have taken place after the US military forcibly removed you from the Capitol building. So what would you have won? 24 hours.

James C. Weart is a retired criminal defense attorney who now resides in Rogersville, TN. He is also the author of COMMON SENSE – A REAL PARTY MOVEMENT. You can email him at [email protected]