Jonesboro Police release crime stats for 2021

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) — On Thursday, the Jonesboro Police Department released its annual report for 2021, which highlighted crime trends in the city.

When it comes to crime, most numbers in every crime category were lower than in 2020.

‘Crimes against persons’ decreased, according to Jonesboro police, with 563 total cases, compared to 579 in 2020. Eight of those cases were homicides, 33 rapes, 55 robberies and 393 aggravated assaults .

“Property crimes” were at their lowest level in 10 years with 5,364. The previous low was in 2013 with 5,629. As for individual statistics, 881 of them were burglaries, 2014 were larceny, 235 motor vehicle theft and 14 arson.

“Proactive policing crimes,” however, hit a 10-year high of 3,996. The previous high was in 2020 at 3,635. weapons law and 326 cases of driving under the influence.

The number of ‘other crimes’ is up from 2020, at 3,805 from 3,412. The highest was in 2011 at 9,765, according to Jonesboro police

The report also shows a higher number of arrests compared to 2020. In 2021, there were 6,368 arrests in Jonesboro, including 4,384 for misdemeanors and 1,984 for felonies. In 2020, there were 5,371 arrests, including 3,473 for misdemeanors and 1,747 for felonies.

When it comes to traffic enforcement, numbers in most categories increased across the board starting in 2020, according to Jonesboro Police.

There were 3,598 street accidents in 2021 compared to 3,059 in 2020. Private property accidents were 1,028 in 2021 compared to 864 in 2020. The number of traffic stops was 19,295 in 2021 compared to 18,971 in 2020. 205 in 2020.

As for written traffic citations, there were slightly fewer in 2021. Jonesboro Police wrote 3,908 traffic citations compared to 3,939 in 2020. Meanwhile, written traffic warnings increased in 2021 at 2,446 compared to 2,166 in 2020.

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