JSF RCMP Release 2021 Stats

FORT ST. JOHN, BC – The Fort St. John RCMP are set to present their Annual Report at city council on Tuesday.

According to the report, in 2021 the detachment saw a decrease in property crimes and arson, but saw an increase in sexual offences, robberies and assaults, with 4,111 calls for criminal code offenses – down from the 2020 total of 4,422.

Calls for service were down in the city at over 8,688, down 370 calls from a year earlier, while rural calls for service came in at 2,984, up 94 calls in 2020.

Under violence in relationships, domestic violence calls doubled in 2021, from nine in 2020 to 18. Domestic violence calls increased from 165 in 2020 to 138.

Threat calls increased by 24. Robbery calls increased by five, and weapons and aggravated assault rose from 83 to 103.

Rural and municipal arson calls were down significantly in 2021, with rural calls down from three to nine in 2020 and municipal calls down from 10 to four.

Break-ins increased significantly for both rural and municipal businesses, with rural areas increasing from 18 in 2020 to 50 in 2021 and municipal break-ins increasing by 31. Residential break-ins in rural areas increased by four and decreased by 14 in the municipality.

Vehicle thefts increased in 2021 from 132 to 160 in 2020. Vehicle thefts decreased from 142 to 115.

Shoplifting, robbery and mischief increased in 2021, with shoplifting increasing from 77 to 102. There were 37 additional robbery calls in 2021 and 58 additional mischief calls.

Drug charges were mostly down, with the exception of cocaine possession which fell to 37 from 22 in 2020.

Cocaine trafficking cases fell from 53 to 42. Possession of fentanyl and other controlled substances fell from 40 to 35. Drug overdose calls fell by four to a total of 19. Fatal overdoses increased decreased by one for a total of 14 in 2021.

The North Peace Cultural Center has received the most service calls for city-run spaces for five consecutive years, increasing by six in 2021 for a total of 48. The skatepark has seen the most dramatic decrease in calls, from 40 in 2020 to 23 in 2021.

The detachment has 55 officers, of which 38 focus on municipal policing, 12 provincial officers, three First Nations officers, one reserve and one auxiliary constable.

The detachment looks forward to the continued progress of the new building and expects to be able to move into it in early 2023.

According to the report, police hope to further improve their working relationship between local RCMP management groups and the city.

The full secondment report can be viewed below: