Jury selection begins on Monday in capital murder trial of 2016 fatal shooting | News

The capital murder trial begins Monday for a man accused of shooting a woman to steal her car so he could sue his former girlfriend.

The jury selection for Warren Hardy’s trial comes five years after his arrest.

He is accused of killing NASA retiree Kathleen Lundy in a violent rage while pursuing his former girlfriend’s family in 2016.

Police say he stole Lundy’s car to chase his girlfriend and other family members who were trying to get away from him.

Hardy’s former girlfriend had just taken out a protective order against him before that violent encounter at Moreland Pointe in Huntsville.

Hardy’s attorneys are fighting to keep the murder victim’s husband’s 911 call out of the upcoming trial.

The defense says Lundy’s husband’s appeal would serve no purpose other than to inflame the jury.

The judge said he would rule on that motion on Monday as jury selection begins.

Prosecutors seek a death sentence as Hardy is found guilty.

When he arrives in court on Monday, Hardy will not be in his orange jail clothes.

A judge has approved $500 for the defense to buy him new clothes to wear in court as he defends himself against the capital murder charge.

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