Justice Department statistics show increase in criminal investigations in 2021

Turkey saw an increase in criminal investigations last year, with 2.4 million cases opened for theft, fraud, and drug and sex crimes, Turkey’s Deutsche Welle service reported on Tuesday, citing court statistics.

According to a 352-page report by the Department of Justice, which compares the number of criminal investigations in 2021 with previous years, 2,461,166 complaints were filed for property crimes – including theft, fraud , property damage and extortion – last year, with the figure rising from 1,933,775 in 2020.

While property crimes accounted for 27.4% of all offenses in 2020, that figure rose to 28.9% in 2021, DW said, with 546,665 of the cases ending in a conviction and 139,017 in a acquittal.

Complaints filed for attacks on property are followed by those filed for offenses related to the deprivation of liberty (1,453,010), attacks on physical integrity (1,304,673) and attacks on “honour” (1,179,884). .

There has also been an increase in drug and sexual offences, which are fewer in number but have a greater social impact, DW said.

While 112,811 sexual offense allegations were recorded in 2020, that figure rose to 127,000 in 2021, with child abuse incidents rising from 39,663 to 44,880 over the same period, according to DW.

In 2021, 43,015 sex crime investigations were turned into criminal cases in which 36,016 people were convicted and 14,803 were acquitted.

A total of 422,479 investigations were opened for drug-related incidents last year, and 174,978 of them resulted in indictments, DW said, adding that 245,906 cases were closed. convictions and 26,669 acquittals.

According to DW, the number of criminal complaints filed with Chief Prosecutors increased from 200,288 in 2020 to 265,117 in 2021, with the number of investigations increasing from 8,995,141 to 9,856,642 and the number of cases filed increasing from 2,833,473 to 3,290,195 during the same period.

Meanwhile, the number of investigations and charges opened under the terrorism law fell in 2021 compared to a year earlier, and of those tried under the law, 2,892 people were convicted l last year while 3,598 were paid.

Of those tried for crimes against the constitutional order, including coup charges and membership in an armed organization, 44,869 were convicted in 2021 while 19,958 were acquitted, DW said. .

Turkey experienced an attempted military coup on the night of July 15, 2016 which many believe was a false flag aimed at entrenching President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s authoritarian rule by rooting out dissidents and eliminating powerful actors such than the army in its desire. for absolute power.

The failed coup killed 251 people and injured over a thousand others. The following morning, after announcing that the coup had been suppressed, the Turkish government immediately launched a massive purge of military officers, judges, police, teachers and other officials which eventually led to the laying off more than 130,000 of their jobs. .

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