LAPD releases crime stats through second quarter of 2022 – Los Alamos Reporter

Columns represent violation, April May June 2021 and April May June 2022


Today Chief Sgambellone released crime statistics through the second quarter of 2022
which were compiled by the Los Alamos Police Department Archives Section.

In April 2021, the Los Alamos Police Department transitioned from the UCR, a summary
reporting system (SRS), to the national incident reporting system (NIBRS).
The NIBRS was created in the 1980s to offer more detailed reporting on crimes. While the UCR is
based on a hierarchy of crime types and therefore only counts the most serious crime in
an event, the NIBRS counts all crimes that occur and provides more context to the actual crime
within the community. The NIBRS follows what is commonly referred to as both Part 1 and Part
2 offences.

While many factors can contribute to crime rates within a community, the Los Alamos
The police service would like to acknowledge and thank our community partners for
maintaining a high quality of life by contributing to our low crime rate through the
enforcement, education, prevention and treatment efforts.

The Los Alamos Police Department appreciates community involvement in
maintain an exceptionally low crime rate and a high quality of life. The police
The Department remains committed to being an effective partner with our citizens and
business owners. For more information on crime prevention, please call Commander
Preston Ballew at 505-662-8236.

FBI information on the NIBRS: