LETTER: Contrary to crime statistics, Kagiso is peaceful, resembling his name

• Thabile Mange writes:

Last week, Police Minister Bheki Cele released crime statistics that Kagiso on the West Rand is a crime-ridden area. In addition, social cohesion is also lacking.

However, it is not a true reflection of Kagiso (meaning peace). I should know, I’m a loyal resident of the township. Contrary to crime stats, Kagiso is peaceful, resembling his name.

Here’s the problem: the crime statistics confused Kagiso with Tshepisong, which is a capital mistake. They are two different domains, based in different regions.

Let me explain. Kagiso falls under the city of Mogale and Tshepisong falls under the city of Johannesburg. In other words, they are served by different municipalities – and have different mayors.

The relevant question is: why are the two domains mixed? Demarcation. As Tshepisong falls under the city of Johannesburg, residents report a crime there to Kagiso Police Station. I do not know why. It’s probably because of the proximity.

Last year, a man from Tshepisong mowed down innocent people with a gun. He killed about seven people attending a wedding in Tshepisong. He was arrested by Kagiso police.

Now, when the case was reported in the media, it was said that the terrible incident happened in Kagiso. Yet it happened in Tshepisong. Now the world thinks Kagiso is a dangerous area.

It’s sad that crime statistics suggest that Kagiso is a safe haven from criminals. It’s not. Tshepisong is. The latter’s criminal statistics are recorded by Kagiso Police Station.

The above needs to be corrected. Accurate information must be transmitted to the nation. It is wrong and criminal to present erroneous statistics. Tshepisong is not Kagiso – and vice versa.