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Rather revealing shooting statistics

The recent News-Gazette series on gun violence contained many positive suggestions on how to deal with violence. Most of them, if implemented, will certainly be useful, to a greater or lesser extent.

One thing that is guaranteed not to help is over gun laws.

The United States is third out of 193 countries in gun killings, a terrible statistic. But if the cities of Chicago; Detroit; Washington DC; Saint Louis; and New Orleans are removed from the statistics, the United States falls to 189th out of 193.

These five cities have two things in common: They are all dominated by far-left liberal Democrats, and they have some of the strictest gun laws in the United States. laws.

Crime rates are highest in low-income, predominantly black neighborhoods where law-abiding citizens are most in need of protection. Police, “funded” or not, cannot be everywhere.

The News-Gazette crime stories highlight how many people arrested with guns are criminals who aren’t even allowed to touch a gun because they are criminals. Yet they remain armed despite the myriad of existing gun laws. Does anyone seriously think more heartwarming unenforceable laws will help? Only the wildest Liberals could believe it.

Support the police. See something, say something. And vote for public servants who see it as it really is, not through rosy windows of hope.