LIC ADO salary 2022 Salary in hand, promotion structure, salary after salary review

LIC ADO Salary 2022: One important aspect that a candidate preparing for LIC ADO must be aware of is the LIC ADO Salary 2022. Aspirants get motivated and start their preparation comprehensively after knowing the LIC ADO salary and job profile. The LIC profession is very popular with young people and this too will be a golden opportunity for candidates. In this article, we have provided you with the details of LIC ADO 2022 such as salary structure in hand, allowance, benefits, job profile and career growth.

2022 LIC ADO Salary Structure

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the largest insurance company in India and getting a job in LIC is a dream for aspirants. It is expected that the LIC ADO Recruitment 2022 notification will be released by the Life Insurance Corporation of India in the month of October 2022. Candidates must know the LIC ADO in hand salary, job profile, allowances and career development before applying for the exam. . Employees designated as LIC ADO along with base salary receive other lucrative allowances and benefits. The salary structure of a LIC ADO is mentioned in the table below.

Earnings Rising
The base salary 21,865
High cost allowance 40% of base salary
Housing allowance 7-9% of base salary
Municipal compensatory indemnity 0-4% of base salary

LIC ADO Salary 2022: Salary Scale

The basic salary for an employee appointed as an Apprentice Development Officer (ADO) is Rs 21,865 per month. The salary of an LIC ADO employee is based on the following salary scale:


After joining, the next 2 years ADO will receive an annual increase of Rs. 1340 and after two years their basic salary will be Rs. 24545/-. Again, there will be an annual increase of Rs. 1580 for the next two years. The base salary will eventually become Rs 27705. After that, there will be an annual increase of Rs 1610 for the next 17 years. The basic salary will be Rs.55075 at the end of 17 years. According to the initial salary scale, an ADO LIC will receive Rs 37,345 per month in which allowances are also combined.

LIC ADO Salary 2022: Allowances

The allowances enjoyed by a LIC ADO employee are mentioned below:

40% of base salary (depending on the rate of inflation)

7-9% of base salary (depending on location)

Municipal compensatory indemnity

0-4% of base salary (depending on location)

Special personal allowance

Besides allowances, other benefits received by an ADO LIC are listed below:

  • Reward
  • Defined contribution pension plan
  • LTC (travel leave)
  • Medical benefit
  • Collective insurance
  • Individual group accident insurance
  • Vehicle advance (2-wheeler/4-wheeler)
  • Reimbursement of the cost of the briefcase/leather bag
  • Mobile handset
  • Supply of Dailies according to the Rules and on Confirmation in Service
  • Outstanding Performance Incentives

LIC ADO Salary 2022: Job Profile

The work of LIC ADO is mainly focused on sales administration. ADO LICs should recruit LIC agents and train them properly. LIC ADO will have to monitor the agent’s work profile and ensure that he sells life insurance to as many people as possible. During the apprenticeship period, the Apprentice Development Officer (ADO) will need to experience classroom training as well as on-the-job sales training. The learning period of LIC ADO will begin on the day their training begins and during this period they will have to experience theoretical training as well as on-the-job sales training. The LIC ADO will have to undergo a probationary period of one year or more which will be followed by the apprenticeship period. Responsibilities during the probationary period will be the same as those of the appointed ADO.

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LIC ADO Salary 2022: Career Growth

Candidates joining as an Apprentice Development Officer (ADO) in the LIC have a huge prospect for career growth. Aspirants joining as ADOs have a very high chance of being promoted to the position of Regional Director by qualifying for the departmental exams held by the LIC. The ADO career growth hierarchy is mentioned below.

  • Apprentice Development Officer
  • Intern Development Officer
  • Development agent
  • Assistant Branch Officer
  • Branch Officer
  • Senior Branch Officer
  • Deputy Divisional Officer
  • Divisional Officer
  • Senior Division Manager
  • Regional director

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FAQ: Teen LIC Salary 2022

Q.1 What is the starting salary for an employee joining as an ADO LIC?

Rep. The initial basic salary of an employee joined as LIC ADO is Rs. 21,865 per month.

Q.2 What is the job profile of a LIC ADO?

Rep. The job profile of an ADO LIC is primarily focused on overseeing sales.

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