Madhya Pradesh District Magistrate Orders Own Salary Dismissed As CM Helpline Complaints Not Resolved Promptly

Bureaucrats often punish subordinates for poor performance, but a collector in Jabalpur District in Madhya Pradesh issued an order stopping his own salary because the district was doing poorly in terms of resolving complaints filed with the line. assistance from the Chief Minister. The order was issued by district collector Karmveer Sharma, who also withheld salaries from officers in other departments who mismanaged the complaints. The collector’s response came at the time limit (review) meeting in the city on Monday.

Officers who sit on complaints for more than 100 days will not receive any pay next month, as ordered by the collector.

Heavy accusations of the poor functioning of the municipal corporation, the tax collector ordered the deduction from the salaries of all the deputy commissioners.

The collectors not only withheld the salaries of tehsildars and deputy commissioners of municipal corporations, but also ordered their pay increases to be stopped, each for negligence in duty.

During Monday’s time limit meeting, the tax collector ordered that a notice be given to the district marketing officer who was absent from the meeting. Most of the department heads paid the price for the anger of collectors at Monday’s meeting.

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