Massive fire breaks out in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, 41 dead, many burned

Egyptian fire: At least 41 people, including 15 children, were killed and several others injured when a fire broke out during a prayer service at a church in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Sunday morning. Witnesses said that after the fire broke out in the Martyr Abu Sefin Church, black smoke quickly filled the interior and chaos ensued. Many people jumped from upper floors in an attempt to escape the fire. A man named Abu Bishoy said, “I was suffocating. It was becoming difficult to breathe. All the people are dead. 16 people were injured in the fire, including four policemen. According to a police statement, the fire started in the Abu Sefeen Church located in the densely populated area of ​​Imbaba.There were many children inside the buildingAccording to the statement, the cause of the fire could not immediately be determined and preliminary investigations suggested that a short circuit was the cause of the fire. The Coptic Church reported casualties, citing health officials. Witnesses said there were several children inside the building when the fire broke out. An eyewitness said smoke filled the church when the fire broke out and many of the trapped people jumped from upper floors to escape, while many died of suffocation. 15 firefighters were dispatched to the scene to put out the fire, while the injured were transported to nearby hospitals by ambulances.President Abdul Fateh al-Sisi expressed his sorrowPresident Abdul Fateh al-Sisi spoke by phone with Coptic Christian Pope Tawdros II and offered his condolences, the presidential office said. Al-Sisi said on Facebook, “I am keeping an eye on this tragic accident. I have asked the relevant agencies and institutions to take all necessary measures.” The health ministry said the injured were taken to local hospitals, but the ministry did not give details of the death toll. Health Minister Khalid Abdul-Ghafar said in a statement Two of the injured were discharged from hospital, while 12 others The Interior Ministry said it was notified at 9 a.m. local time that an air conditioner on the second floor of the building had caught fire.