Miami professor Alexis Piquero to lead Bureau of Justice Statistics

President Biden last week named University of Miami criminologist Alexis Piquero as director of the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics.

  • Piquero has spent his past two years exploring crime trends in Miami, the coordinated police response with mental health professionals, and the work of the Miami-Dade County Mayor, including his plan for peace and prosperity.

Before starting his new concert, we caught up with Professor Piquero to chat about what’s next and how he spends his time outside of work. (Editor’s note: This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.)

Q: What prompted you to accept this position and what will your role be?

A: There is no greater honor than having the opportunity to serve the President and the nation. Providing crime and justice data in an objective, reliable and timely manner is essential to inform crime and justice policy.

Q: Will we see you again?

A: I will still have a physical presence in both locations for now, as I will be in DC several days, home other days, and then across the country meeting with stakeholders on the importance of crime data and righteousness.

Q: We’ve heard your workout routine is to run in the morning and eat a donut from The Salty. What’s your favourite?

A: I’m partial to white chocolate Tres Leches.

Q: You are a Formula 1 fan and you bleed Williams blue on white. Will you return to Miami for the next Grand Prix? (Bonus question: Should Daniel Ricciardo replace Nicholas Latifi at Williams?)

A: You know I love Formula 1, so I’ll do my best to come back. As for the drivers, I just want great competition on the track.