Milwaukee Police Department Crime Statistics, Mid-2022

Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman and Mayor Cavalier Johnson provided a midyear review of crime, accident and homicide rates Tuesday, July 5.

Data from police departments shows most violent crime and reckless driving is down, but homicides are on course for a record high.

“What’s different these days is that we use guns to resolve simple disputes,” Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman said.

Chief Norman expressed his frustration when addressing the direction of crime in the city.

“Seeing we’ve made progress. We’re not where we were before with homicides, but we’re not where we need to be. One death is one death too many,” Norman said.

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MPD data shows 110 homicides so far in 2022. At this time in 2021 there were 80 – and there were 81 at this point in 2020.

“When we talk about how we can change this direction, it’s always a plural We word,” the leader said.

Thanks to the work of the community and the police, Norman said the department is making progress.

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“We moved investigators into the homicide unit to manage clearances and ensure accountability,” Norman said. “For total violent crime, we’ve seen an 8% decrease over the past six months… Rape, robbery and aggravated assault are down 8-14%.”

For more information see the crime data sheet (above). The data is also publicly available through the Milwaukee Police Department.