Ministry of Finance seeks security company to transport public funds

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) seeks the services of qualified personnel within a local security company competent to perform security services for the transport of public funds.

Trained staff will transport funds from government revenue collection stations in the ministries and departments of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada, and deposit them with designated financial institutions and the government.

Procurement coordinator Ishma Rhymer said the proposed work will include providing daily security transportation Monday through Saturday in accordance with Treasury Department requirements; provide armored truck services to receive, transport and deliver government goods to recipient designated by government and financial institutions; provide security services to pick up or receive from designated government tax stations in ministries and departments; deliver to government and / or government designated financial institutions the following: money, currency, coins, negotiable instruments or other valuables to be deposited.

Reputable certificates

All eligible bidders are required to submit certificates of good repute with respect to Social Security and Taxes, including Salaries and Property Taxes, BVI Social Security Board, National Health Insurance, Internal Taxes and of the commercial register.

They must also have a valid business license and a detailed work program indicating the order in which the different sections of the work are to be performed as well as other documents as described in the tender document.

Bidders must present a bid bond / bid security of at least one percent of the bid price, in the form of a bank guarantee, bank draft, certified check or a deposit provided by an insurance agency.

Failure by the tenderer to provide the supporting documents indicated above will render the tender non-admissible on the date on which the tenders are opened.

The tender documents are available from Monday January 10, 2022 and will be sent to tenderers electronically on request at [email protected] with the subject title “Provision of security services for the transport of government funds”.

Interested bidders must submit one original, three copies and a USB drive containing the bidder’s documents. The original offer must be placed in a sealed envelope marked “original”, and the additional copies must be placed in another sealed envelope marked “copies”.

The two envelopes must then be placed in an outer envelope marked “Provision of security services for the transport of public funds” and addressed to the “Chairman of the Central Tender Commission”.

The deadline for submitting bids is February 15 at 10 a.m. A virtual pre-tender meeting is scheduled for January 20 via WebEx due to COVID-19 restrictions.

All potential bidders will be informed of the access code and password prior to the meeting. All potential bidders are invited to attend.

Security contracts issued in recent months

In recent months, three known contracts have been awarded to security companies by the government. Baltimore Security Services won a contract worth more than half a million dollars for security services at both Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS) campuses in November. The start and end of the contract were not disclosed.

Meanwhile, Top Priority Security Services also received a retroactive tender waiver to provide contract services to ESHS valued at $ 327,360 from July to December 2021. The security company also received in October $ 286,845 for the transportation of government funds; the contract was awarded retroactively nine months after the start of services and the tendering process was abandoned.

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