Monticello Police, Fire, March Stats Release | Local News

MONTICELLO – Monticello Police Chief John Carter released his monthly report for March 2022.

The department reported 25 criminal offenses, six more than last year.

There have been 19 follow-up surveys, up from nine a year ago.

During the month, there were 32 calls to 911. Last year, there were 22.

A written warning was issued, the same as in 2021.

There has been an increase in verbal warnings. Last year there were three. In 2022, 50 verbal warnings were issued.

There was also an increase in tickets. In 2021, only six tickets have been issued. Last month, 47 posts were written.

The ministry also handled many more details of the civil service. There were 27 such incidents in March 2022, compared to just three a year ago.

The department assisted other law enforcement once last month. Last year, two such incidents were reported.

Two accident reports were written, like last year.

The department assisted the fire department on seven calls, up from just one in 2021.

Officers assisted the ambulance on two calls, up from four last year.

Officers conducted foot patrols 32 times in 2022, four more than a year ago.

Holiday vouchers continue to climb. There were 218 in 2022 and only 110 a year ago.

There were five written violations of the ordinance, including two for inoperable vehicle, one for scrap, one for feces removal and one for obstruction of the roadway.


Monticello Fire Chief John Rupkey has released the Monticello Fire Department Monthly Call Chart for the month of March 2022.

There were 10 medical calls during the month, compared to 19 in February and 26 in January.

There were eight fire alarm reports, three smoke reports, one spill and one incident with a carbon monoxide detector.

There were two calls for life-saving assistance, the first two of the year. There was a wire call, an appliance fire call, and a vehicle fire call. No structural fires were reported in March, so there was no water use during the month.