Museveni commissions 248 cadets and excites soldiers with a pay rise

The President of the Republic of Uganda and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, HE General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Friday, September 2, appointed 248 cadets from 04/2022 admission to Uganda Military Academy Kabamba in Mubende district.

He also officiated the graduation of 49 cadets from intake 01/2019-22 who qualified with a bachelor’s degree in Kabamba Defense and Strategic Studies (BDSK).

While addressing newly commissioned officers and Defense graduates, Museveni quoted a riddle from Runyankore loosely translated as: “Everyone has their unique knowledge; how does a hen raise her breastless chicks.

He explained that this is how the NRM was able to build a strong army with limited resources.

The President quoted the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere as having said: “to make a good paste, you have to wait until the water boils at the required temperature”.

“This is where the NRM has succeeded, it does not lie, it tells the truth. You cut your hair according to the shape of your head,” he advised.

He explained that between 1971 and 1986, he and his colleagues launched an unpaid army, claiming that the governments of the day were criminals paying criminals.

He cited examples of recent retirees such as Brigadier General Omule, the late General Elly Tumwine and General Caleb Akandwanaho (Salim Saleh) who along with many other fighters became unpaid soldiers.

“All we needed was a gun, bullets and food; clothing was optional. A naked man could still shoot and kill.

He said that only three years ago the government could raise the salary of soldiers at the rank of private to equal that of a primary school teacher. It had always been a job without pay, without barracks.

He excited private soldiers when he mentioned that their monthly salaries would soon increase to between 1 million and 1.5 million shillings.
President Museveni encouraged graduates to be mindful of their duty.

“Be eager to fight where duty calls. Do not be affected by ‘headquarters’ sickness,” he warned.

Speaking at the same reception, the Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Honorable Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempijja, thanked the President for launching the UPDF from scratch into a formidable force of international renown, which grows more and more.

He also thanked the President for his visionary leadership which revamped Uganda’s economy allowing recently retired general officers to return home “with happy faces and a good package”.

“The president has led the country from an economic mess to a prosperous and enviable country,” noted the defense minister.

He stressed that the commissioning was the government’s effort to ensure continuity and efficiency and implored the graduates to remain committed and focused on the values ​​of UPDF.

He also reminded the president that the ministry is carefully following his advice to ensure that the National Defense College in Jinja is upgraded to academic level with a forensic university under the MoDVA.

Ssempijja thanked the UPDF leaders for the cooperation that has always allowed them to collectively achieve their strategic goals.

Chief of Defense Force General Wilson Mbasu Mbadi commended the President for continuously building a force guided by the gospel of Pan-Africanism, nationalism, democracy and socio-economic transformation for strategic security and peace. unity of the African people.

“As a force, we have had successful pan-African interventions in the region and beyond. For example in Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, Somalia, South Sudan and recently in the DRC,” General Mbadi noted, adding that all this was due to a strong and disciplined force.

The CDF further applauded the strategic and visionary leadership of the President who has made the UPDF a formidable force anchored on strong civil-military cooperation, nationalism, patriotism and ideological awareness to achieve its mandate as it is. enshrined in article 209 of the constitution to create an enabling environment. enabling environment for economic and social transformation.

To newly commissioned professional officers, the CDF encouraged them to use the knowledge and skills gained to be better advocates for peace and stability in a resource constrained environment.

“Put duty above personal desires, serve with dedication, honesty and sincerity at all times,” Gen. Mbadi warned the officers.

Flight Lieutenant George Washington (R) with his father, Professor Ogenga Latigo, former Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

Flight Lieutenant George Washington, son of Professor Ogenga Latigo, former leader of the opposition in Parliament, was among the UPDF officers sent by President Museveni to Kabamba on Friday. He is a helicopter pilot.

Professor Latigo’s presence was acknowledged by the MC, exciting the audience at the event.

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