Nepal Police Submit Report on Ministry of Finance Hard Drive to Investigative Committee

Nepalese police have submitted their forensic report on the Ministry of Finance’s CCTV hard drive to the parliamentary committee formed to investigate charges against Janardan Sharma that he employed foreigners to change tax rates in the night of May 28.

The investigation group had sent the Ministry of Finance hard drive to the Nepalese police on Wednesday after the Ministry of Finance said that the recordings from the night of May 28 had been deleted because the hard drive had the capacity to retain data. recordings of only 13 days.

“We received the police report this afternoon,” said Surendra Aryal, secretary of the investigation committee. “It is sealed and will be opened at the next panel meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday at 8am.”

After drawing a blank following its failure to find CCTV footage from the night of May 28, the committee on Monday searched for CCTV footage from the south and west gates of Singha Durbar. Committee members also discussed whether to request call records from Sharma. But ruling party members on the committee said such a move would violate privacy rights.

“We had a brief discussion on the details of the appeal after a few members raised the issue, but we did not come to any conclusions,” said Man Bahadur Bishworkarma, a member of the 11-member parliamentary inquiry committee. .

Now that the Nepalese police submit their report, all eyes are on its contents.

The committee had sent the hard drive to the police asking them to investigate whether any data had been deleted and to recover the data if it had been deleted.

The committee members, however, do not hope that the police have recovered any data from the hard drive.

“We don’t have much hope in recovering the data,” said Khagaraj Adhikari, a panel member representing the main opposition party CPN-UML. “Let’s see what’s in the contents of the report. We will know tomorrow.

The inquiry committee was formed on July 6, following which Sharma resigned as finance minister. The committee was given 10 days, but began work on July 12. After the expiry of the 10-day deadline granted to him on July 21, he was granted seven more days.

So far, the committee has interviewed Sharma as well as Madhu Marasini and Krishan Hari Pushka, finance and revenue secretaries respectively. All have denied accusations that foreigners were involved in changing tax rates on the night of May 28. Sharma presented the budget for the 2022-23 financial year to Parliament on May 29.