Nesquehoning discusses pay rise to bolster police force – Times News Online

Posted on December 30, 2021 at 1:45 p.m.

Nesquehoning continues his quest to find a solution to attract more police officers to the district.

Last week, the borough council approved increasing the rates of part-time police officers based on experience to obtain better coverage in the borough. The ministry currently has one full-time and two part-time officers.

“We are trying to recruit experienced officers to work part time,” Mayor Sam Kitchko said before listing his proposal.

He suggested increasing the independent hourly wage for someone outside the academy who wants to work and can go on patrol immediately to $ 26 an hour, down from $ 22 now.

For an agent who works elsewhere full-time and has worked for at least six months to a year in that department, the hourly rate for part-time work in Nesquehoning rises to $ 28 an hour.

If someone has one to two years of full-time experience, $ 30 per hour, and the candidate has more than two years of full-time experience in another police service, then they will receive $ 32. time.

“We are covering what we need to do to have police officers in our city,” City Councilor Louis Paul said of the proposal. “I agree that we have to increase the hourly rate to get the quality police officers we need.”

The Board approved the motion to increase the rate.

In other police matters, council voted to accept the resignation of part-time officer Allen Strohl and send him a letter of thanks for his time with the borough.