New NDLEA recruits scream after 7 months without pay

According to the agents concerned, the agency had informed them that the delay in payment was caused by the integrated personnel payroll information system.

However, despite assurances that the hiccups would be corrected by the end of February, staff have yet to receive a dime since joining the agency.

One of the officers who chose to remain anonymous said Punch that he was tired of the situation.

He said, “How do you explain that you haven’t earned a naira at your place of work since you arrived seven months ago. They say it’s not from the agency, but we work for the agency and they should try to consider us. We have families, we have bills to pay. I am personally tired of all this.

Another concerned officer, who also pleaded anonymity, appealed to the NDLEA to find a quick solution to the problem.

He said, “When you have completed your training, you are supposed to immediately receive a training allowance, which usually amounts to six months. Some of us haven’t been paid.

“I’m not the only one concerned. The people concerned are tired and unmotivated to continue their daily activities. I borrowed to support myself and my family.

“Imagine, seven months after recruitment, I haven’t been paid. They told us by a circular that our arrears would be paid at the end of February that the problem was caused by the IPPIS. Isn’t February over? We haven’t received our money yet.

NDLEA provides an update

Reacting to the salary delay via a memorandum signed by the Finance & Accounting Director, Shitu Abdullahiand dated April 6, the agency said only 56 new hires were due, adding that the issue would soon be resolved.

The memo read, “You may be aware that almost all (newly recruited) officers and men obtained an IPPIS number in March 2022. That is to say, they were paid.

“Issues arose for non-payment which was previously communicated due to accounts not being updated and some incorrect account details which were corrected in March 2022.

“In February 2022, when the salary was paid, those whose accounts were not updated could not get salary because the transaction failed due to the accounts not being updated at that time. .

“A total of 59 officers and men (uncreated and migration) have not been paid since January – March 2022 due to uncreation and proper migration by IPPIS.

“This is due to a wrong fingerprint during capture and technical issues with the Federation Accountant General’s Office – IPPIS Department. The matter is currently on the IPPIS desk. We hope this will be fixed very soon. . »

Abdullahi, however, told newly recruited staff not to expect salary arrears from July 2021.

He added, “Be advised that the date of first appointment of July 25, 2021 on the letter of appointment is the start date of training at the agency academy used for all recruits in 2021.

“It is not the date on which the payment of salary takes effect. Accordingly, newly recruited staff waving salary arrears from July 2021 should not expect salary arrears from July 2021.”