New Police Building, Pavement Improvements Among Lynchburg’s Capital Improvement Plan

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) — Lynchburg City Council will meet on Tuesday to finalize its five-year capital improvement plan.

“Capital improvement planning is how we are building the city of the future,” said Reid Wodicka, Deputy City Manager.

Within this framework, certain projects are to be financed during the next fiscal year.

A major project involves the police department. Lynchburg police are looking to begin construction on a new headquarters before the end of the year.

Police Chief Ryan Zuidema said a new building was long overdue.

“I’ve been in the service for just over 25 years and quite honestly we needed a new building when I started here. We have expanded into two more buildings since I started here. We also exceeded that space,” Zuidema said.

Zuidema says moving to a new building would help in many ways.

This would increase efficiency, bring improved technology and allow for greater community interaction.

“Right now we have such limited space in the buildings to invite the community for something simple like a public meeting or something, so the focus of this new building will be to have a multipurpose space in which we can invite the public,” Zuidema said.

An exact location for this has yet to be chosen.

While that is being decided, other projects are also being pushed forward.

The intersection of Lakeside Drive and Lynchburg Expressway will undergo improvements over the next few years. The city is also planning to put more amenities in Riverfront Park.

All of this and more in an effort to keep Lynchburg moving forward.

“If you think of all the wonderful projects that have been done that have made this city what it is for decades and centuries in the past, we are planning this for the future and making the city what it is. she’s tomorrow,” Wodicka said.

After approving the CIP, they will work to approve the next year’s budget.

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