New salary package for police sent to Ministry of Finance for implementation — FG – The Whistler Nigeria

Police Affairs Minister Mohammed Dingyadi announced that all necessary calculations to guide the new salary package have been concluded and forwarded to the Ministry of Finance for further implementation.

The Minister revealed this during a press briefing at the State House on Thursday where he spoke about the current state of policing and security in the country as well as the innovation taking place in the police.

Dingyadi noted that the calculation has been forwarded to the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning for implementation and is expected to start soon.

He said: “The newly approved emoluments for police personnel further demonstrate the government’s commitment to welfare, which is a key part of police reforms under Buhari.

“All the calculations needed to guide the new salary package have been concluded and forwarded to the Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning for implementation which is expected to start very soon.”

The news comes five months after the minister approved a 20% upward revision to police pay due to come into effect from January 2022.

Speaking on the achievements of the Ministry of Police Affairs since the start of the police reform task in June 2019, Dingyadi said there had been the domestication of community policing, the resuscitation of the complaints committee against police, improving police welfare and enacting the police academy. law Project.

Other achievements, he pointed out, include improved manpower needs in Nigeria through police recruitment of constables, information technology for biometric data capture and building the best West African police system for intelligence gathering in sub-Saharan Africa.

Regarding the state of insecurity in the geopolitical regions, the Minister said that there had been an attack against Boko Haram and its affiliated groups in the North East and North West regions.

The minister explained that this has degraded their capabilities through fierce military campaigns and police support.

He noted that the ugly trends of other isolated criminals in the middle belt, south-south and south-west are currently receiving adequate attention with the deployment of human and operational resources to neutralize the threat.

Dingyadi added: “Security in the South East has been threatened following violent attacks on security formations and civilians by a militant Biafra separatist group.

“Sustained security operations in this region have recently localized their operations in Imo and Anambra States as the government continues to employ strategies to engender peace and security throughout the South East.

“Unlike the Southeast, the South-South region is relatively free of violent crime. However, there are isolated cases of kidnapping for ransom and armed robbery and this has been dealt with by the police and other security agencies.

“A special task force against oil theft set up by the IGP operates in the area to control illegal bunkering and related acts of economic sabotage.”

Regarding the insecurity in the South-West, he added: “The security situation in this region is similar to that of the South-South. Instances of oil theft in this area have also been kept to a minimum.

During the promulgation of the Police Trust Fund, the Minister revealed that the Fund had been successfully executed against its 2020 budget with the purchase of operational vehicles, arms and ammunition, bulletproof vests and helmets for police operations.

“The fund has also purchased medical items to meet the health needs of police officers across the country, while offices and residential accommodation have also been renovated,” he added.