Newport and Gwent rape statistics for 2021

MORE than 500 alleged rapes were reported in 2021 – but only five charges were laid, according to Gwent Police figures.

In the 2021 period, 587 incidents of rape were reported, according to a Argus Request for access to information.

Only five counts arose from the incidents, but a large majority of the reported cases – 436 – are still under investigation. Nineteen of the cases have completed investigations with no suspects identified.

In 70 cases, victims refused to pursue the case or withdrew their support and two cases showed that taking further action was not in the public interest.


Here you can see the breakdown of each of the 587 cases:

Result – Rape

# of results




  • Summoned/postal requisition


  • Police – formal action not in the public interest


  • The victim refuses/is unable to support the action to identify the aggressor


  • CPS – named suspect, victim support but evidentiary difficulties


  • Police – suspect named, support from victim but evidentiary difficulties


  • Victim declines/withdraws support – named suspect is identified


  • Investigation completed, no suspects identified


  • Police – suspect named, investigation not in public interest


  • New / Under investigation


Detective Superintendent Martin Price, head of the Gwent Police Public Protection Unit, said: ‘Gwent Police are committed to thoroughly investigating all cases of rape and sexual violence and to doing everything in its power to ensure that victims receive the support they need.

“We work closely with partner agencies who provide specialist support through what can be a very traumatic and distressing time for the victim.

“We will continue to ensure that our investigations are meticulous and thorough, and victims remain at the heart of everything we do as a police force.

“If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence, I urge you to come forward in confidence so that we can take appropriate action, provide support to the victim and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Anyone who is a victim of rape or sexual offenses should report it to the police by dialing 101 or 999 in an immediate emergency.