No one will be forcibly evicted, assures TS Finance Minister Harish – The New Indian Express

Express press service

SIDDIPET: Finance Minister T Harish Rao assured residents of Husnabad and Gudatipally on Wednesday that none of them would be forcibly evicted from their villages even as the government prepares to implement the Gauravelli project as planned . He also assured that the government is ready to talk to them as often as possible to solve the problem.

Residents, whose villages will be submerged when the project ends, have staged protests, demanding fair compensation for the land they risk losing. It may be mentioned here that these protesters were injured two days ago, first in a pre-dawn police raid on their residences and then in attacks by TRS workers.

On Wednesday, protesters, joined by a number of Congress leaders, staged a rally of tractors from Husnabad for Siddipet. Upon learning of the gathering, Siddipet Police Commissioner Shweta Reddy contacted the ousted and informed them that Minister Harish Rao had invited them to a meeting to discuss their issues. Next, the protesters led by Gudatipally Sarpanch Raji Reddy and Congress leader Ponnam Prabhakar, Congress Kisan Cell National Deputy Chairman M Kodanda Reddy met with the Minister near Ranganayak Sagar project at Chinnakodur mandal.

When the representatives demanded Rs 8 lakh each for those who are 18 under the Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) scheme, the minister made it clear that the government would not be able to give them money to the moment, but assured that 200 square meters of government land would be allocated to them between Siddipet and Husnabad. The evicted also demanded Rs 5.04 lakh each for 937 people who were displaced during the planning of the project in 2008 so that they could build houses. The Minister said: “There is such a system currently. But we will try for Rs 3 lakh each to build houses.

When the ousted pointed out that the government still needed to acquire an additional 84 acres of land to complete the project and that they were ready to part with their land if the government increased the price of the land to more than Rs 15 lakh, the minister said said they would receive compensation checks of Rs 15 lakh in the evening if they signed the papers in the morning. However, he said the government did not want to raise rates. “If you want more money, you can go to court and the government will comply with the court orders,” he said.

When the evicted people indicated that 24 elderly people evicted from Gudatipally had not yet received their R&R packages, he assured that an investigation would be carried out to identify them. The protesters, meanwhile, decided to hold a Gram Sabha to discuss the assurances given by the minister and make a decision after hearing everyone’s opinion.