No pay for CMOs, BMOs that don’t install biometric attendance system in hospitals: DHSK

Srinagar, September 08: Despite multiple directives and orders, the biometric attendance system, aimed at ensuring punctuality and discipline, seems to have few takers in the health facilities in the valley forcing the Directorate of Health Services of Kashmir (DHSK) to act tough against Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) on dismal performance.

DHSK has taken serious note of the dismal picture of the biometric attendance system and has demanded a report on the actions taken by all Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) of Kashmir, reads an order ((DHSK/PS/2022/790912 )) issued by the Kashmir Health Service Authority.

As per the order, the CMOs have been ordered to submit the no-fault action report and any deviations in this regard will result in action against the relevant Drawdown and Disbursement Agents (DDOs).

The government had made it mandatory for all agents including health institutions to ensure the installation of biometric presence.

In health services, offices where biometric attendance has been made mandatory include Chief Medical Officers, District Hospitals, Block Doctors, Community Health Centers, Sub-District Hospitals, Primary Health Centers and new-type primary health centers,” reads the previous order. issued by the DHSK order.

However, months later, the installation of one hundred percent biometric attendance in government health facilities was deemed very dismal, DHSK spokesman Dr. Mir Mushtaq said.

He said all CMOs have been instructed to submit the report as soon as possible. “Every healthcare facility should have a biometric attendance system installed as soon as possible,” he said.

The government had already made it clear that the Draw and Disbursement Officers (DDOs) were instructed not to receive salary bills from any government agent or official without corroborating attendance on the biometric system.

According to the director of Kashmir’s health services, Dr Mushtaq Ahmad, under the new system, salaries for officers, doctors and staff will be based on attendance. “It will bring change to the department by ensuring punctuality and introduce more discipline, accountability and efficiency,” he said.