NPS Grade A Salary 2022 Salary Structure, Salary Scale and Job Profile

NPS Grade A Salary 2022: The NPS Grade A salary is a hefty amount, which makes this position very attractive to many applicants. In addition to a good salary, NPS Grade A officers receive various types of allowances and benefits. Knowing the salary, allowances, and job profile of NPS Grade A officers will help you better understand the profession. The NPS rank is a Deputy Director profile position and the candidates are responsible for various matters, eventually a few reach Director level. Today in this article, we will be discussing NPS Grade A Salary 2022, Salary Structure, Salary Range and Job Profile.

NPS Grade A Salary 2022 in Hindi

NPS Grade A Salary 2022 Salary Structure

The pay scale for A-grade officers is Rs. 44500-2500(4)-54500-2850(7)-74450-EB-2850(4)-85850-3300(1)-89150(17). Now let us understand this pay scale, candidates will get an increase of Rs 2500 for four years making the base salary 54500. The next increase will be Rs 2850 for 7 years and then the base salary will be Rs 74450. After 17 years of continuous salary service base salary will be 89,150.

The base salary Rising
Starting base salary 44500
Base salary after 4 years 54500
Base salary after 11 years 74450
Base salary after 15 years 85850
Base salary after 17 years 89150

NPS Grade A Salary 2022: Allowances

NPS doesn’t just give a handsome salary in hand. The benefits and allowances enjoyed by NPS Grade A officers are second to none. NPS Grade A officers are entitled to a number of allowances as per the rules from time to time. The benefits you receive are:

  • Rank allowance
  • Special allowance
  • High cost allowance
  • Local Compensatory Allowance
  • Housing allowance
  • Learning allowance
  • Special grade allowance

NPS Grade A Salary 2022: Benefits

The perquisites are in addition to a good salary and numerous allowances. NPS Grade A officers receive the following perks and other benefits:

  • Leave the tariff concession
  • Medical expenses (Hospitalization and Non-Hospitalization)
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Eye refraction/Cost of glasses
  • Education allowance
  • Financial dailies
  • book grant
  • Briefcase
  • Transportation costs
  • Household allowance
  • Staff furnishing program
  • Computer Purchase Program and all other qualifying benefits for an A-grade agent in NPS Trust.

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NPS Grade A Salary 2022: Career Growth

An added benefit to the job description of an A-grade NPS is career growth. Candidates who pass the NPS Grade A exam are recruited to the position of Deputy Director of the NPS. There is a hierarchy of ranks followed in the National Payment System Trust whereby NPS Grade A agents receive promotions. The hierarchy of ranks in the NPS is as follows in ascending order:

  • Category A Assistant Manager
  • B-level manager
  • Deputy General Director
  • Deputy General Director
  • General director
  • Chief General Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Director

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FAQ: NPS Grade A Salary 2022

Q.1 What is the starting base salary of an NPS Grade A officer?
Answer The starting base salary for an NPS Grade A officer is 44500.

Q.2 What is the CTC currently offered to the NPS Grade A officer?
Rep. The current CTC offered to the NPS Grade A officer is around 23 lakhs per year

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