NYPD Announces Citywide Crime Statistics for March 2022

April 6, 2022

Intelligence-led policing, neighborhood safety teams and quality of life law enforcement continue

For the month of March 2022, New York City saw a 15.8% drop in homicides from March 2021 (32 vs. 38), with NYPD officers making 28.2% more arrests in seven main categories of index crimes (4,025 compared to 3,140) in this same period.

Listed crime overall increased by 36.5% in March 2022, compared to the same period a year ago (9,873 compared to 7,232) – a total driven by a 59.4% increase in thefts cars (1,044 vs. 655), a 48.4% increase in robberies (1,267 vs. 854) and a 40.5% increase in robberies (4,078 vs. 2,902). Citywide burglaries also rose 40% (1,326 from 947) in March 2022 compared to last year.

Citywide shootings increased 16.2% (115 from 99) in March 2022 compared to the same period last year. The NYPD remains focused on eradicating gun violence and providing fair and effective policing. Officers made 410 firearm arrests in March 2022, resulting in the 1,207 illegal firearm arrests in the first quarter of 2022. This is the highest number of quarterly firearm arrests since the early 2021, when 1,385 such arrests were made.

“The NYPD will continue to provide fair, efficient and responsive policing that best reflects the needs of the communities we serve,” said Police Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell. “But the NYPD needs the unwavering commitment of all of its partners, pulling in the same direction, to achieve our goal of public safety for every New Yorker.”

The March crime statistics close out a historic period for an administration approaching its 100th day in office, and the NYPD remains focused on the drivers of crime and disorder in New York City. The NYPD’s eight patrol precincts, along with detectives and intelligence analysts, work tirelessly every day to assimilate information and build strong, long-term investigations.

Taken together, the first three months of 2022 have been defined by successful takedowns of violent subjects and the seizure of caches of illegal weapons – including traditional weapons and newly emerging firearms known as “ghost guns”. that can be 3D printed at home. These efforts highlight the essential collaboration and close working relationship between the NYPD, its federal law enforcement partners and the city’s district attorneys.

As of January 2022, over 400 officers have been hand selected for the NYPD’s new Neighborhood Safety Teams. The first groups began their 50 hours of training over seven days on topics including constitutional policing, community engagement, law and tactics, critical thinking, communication and de-escalation. Since their deployment on March 14, the first 218 officers assigned to these teams have made a difference by making 121 arrests, including 25 for possession of weapons. And they continue to remove illegal guns from the streets while working in the 30 precincts and four police service areas that accounted for 80% of city shootings in 2021. We are seizing a record number of illegal firearms across the city.

“The officers who do this vital work ensure that these weapons never cause casualties to another New Yorker,” said Department Head Kenneth Corey. “It’s the most dangerous type of work we do, but it can have the greatest impact on public safety. Our officers specifically target the small number of criminals willing to carry a gun and use it.

To bolster the mission of Neighborhood Safety Teams, the NYPD announced a citywide initiative in March designed to address an increase in quality-of-life violations that are often precursors to violence. The initiative is in direct response to the public safety concerns of New Yorkers and is driven by the specific needs and crime complaints of residents in each neighborhood.

“Today’s NYPD officers are expanding their reach by studying crime trends and monitoring community complaints, such as those to 311, that provide insight into the genesis of crime” , said Head of Crime Strategies Michael LiPetri. “Proactive engagement with offenders, relentless investigation and monitoring, and rapid deployment are proven methods of reducing crime and disorder on the streets, in the subway or in social housing.”

The NYPD will never waver in its continued fight on behalf of every New Yorker. The ministry’s efforts are not exclusive, however, and are closely linked to the work of its law enforcement and government partners. To turn the tide against shootings, robberies and general disorder, every stakeholder must do their part to achieve our shared vision of public safety for every neighborhood in New York.

*All crime statistics are preliminary and subject to further analysis, review or change.*

Crime Statistics Index: March 2022

32 38 -6 -15.8%
134 140 -6 -4.3%
1267 854 +413 +48.4%
1992 1696 +296 +17.5%
1326 947 +379 +40.0%
4078 2902 +1176 +40.5%
1044 655 +389 +59.4%
9873 7232 +2641 +36.5%

Additional statistics for March 2022

108 118 +62 +52.5%
455 409 +46 +11.2%
115 99 +16 +16.2%

Rape Incident Reporting Statistics: March 2022

(Reports filed from March 1 to March 31 of the years indicated)

Year Total
Has occurred
Same year
Has occurred
Has occurred
2 years
Has occurred
3 years
Has occurred
4 years
Has occurred
5+ years


134 86 20 8 3 6 11


140 90 18 9 2 4 17


102 77 19 3 2 0 1


158 118 17 6 4 0 13


160 110 23 4 7 3 13


110 84 18 3 1 0 4

Rape continues to be underreported. If you are a victim of sexual assault, please come forward. The 24-hour NYPD Special Victims Division hotline is: 212-267-RAPE (7273).

Summary of hate crime statistics for March 2022

(Representing March 1st – March, 31stst for calendar years 2022 and 2021)

Motivation 2022 2021 +/- % Switch


17 32 -15 -47%


7 5 +2 +40%


0 0 0 0%


3 1 +2 +200%


1 0 +1


0 2 -2 -100%


23 12 +11 +92%


2 1 +1 +100%


2 0 +2

sexual orientation

ten 3 +7 +233%


0 0 0 0%


65 56 +9 +16%

Note: The above statistics are subject to change after investigation, as active possible bias cases may be reclassified as unbiased and removed from the counted data.