Of 44 active gangs in the Maldivian capital, nine are considered extremely dangerous: police

The Maldives Police Service (MPS) has revealed that there are 44 active gangs in the congested capital, Male city alone, nine of which are considered extremely dangerous.

This was revealed by a presentation of the police institution during the “Viavathi Raajje” conference organized on Saturday on the island of Ukulhas of the atoll of Alif Alif.

Thus, the presentation saw the participants informed about the gangs currently active in the capital and how they operate.

With many violent groups currently operating in the capital, the police have stressed that they are concerned that the presence of these violent groups could also spread to the outlying atolls.

According to the police institution, apart from the capital, the highest rate of active violent groups in the Maldives has been detected in the southern atolls.

It was also revealed that the police have yet to identify any discernible criminal activity in the northern and central atoll areas.

In addition, police revealed that around 2,800 people have been identified as being involved in such groups, 60 of whom have been identified as children.

They then revealed that the natives of the northern and central atolls are also seen at the forefront of these groups.

That being said, the MPS has expressed concern that the gang presence will spread across the atolls, as the natives of the atolls are already involved in different gangs across the capital.

Police also revealed that the weapons used by gang members had changed over the years, pointing out that while it was usually iron rods and swords that they chose as weapons in previous years, they have since evolved into less discernible weapons that are easy to hide from authorities.

Noting that the largest networks run by these gangs are involved in drug and narcotics trafficking, the MPS revealed that the drug lords are also involved in other illegal businesses. It has also been brought to the attention of the authority that these kingpins are getting involved in politics and different parties to expand their influence.

Police statistics reveal that 31 murders have been linked to gang violence so far, of which nine victims have been identified as having no connection to gangs and groups. Thus, these individuals were killed “accidentally” or “by mistake”.