One-Time Funds Could Fund a New Ripon Facility

Some one-time funding sources could be earmarked for Phase 1 of plans to build a new company yard for the town of Ripon.

City Administrator Kevin Werner mentioned this to Ripon City Council during Thursday’s strategic planning business session.

He listed the future public works maintenance facility – comprising a 12,500 square foot building featuring three maintenance bays, offices, locker rooms and support space on city-owned property at 444 Doak Blvd. – with Jack Tone’s annexation plan, city website update, tennis court rehabilitation and deferred maintenance items among his recommendations to elected officials for money from one-time revenue resources at the informal briefing held at Stouffer Hall.

Werner said these and other elements follow the same format as the policy objectives and implementation plan, consisting of “fiscal responsibility, economic development, community service, employee work environment, and utilities/facilities.” from the city”.

He also recommended that these funds be allocated to the police department to improve the firing range and enable officers to issue electronic citations.

Additionally, Werner discussed using a portion of those funds to fund leadership training for city and police department employees.

Council earlier heard the review of the policy objectives and 2022-23 implementation plan with completed actions of the City’s guiding principles for the 2021-22 fiscal year.

Werner said City’s aim is to serve the community as effectively as possible.

He discussed the AB 1600 Fund as well as the Enterprise Funds and the Street & Roads Funds, including the opportunities and challenges of ad hoc improvements associated with the Council’s approach to continuing to finance important infrastructure projects.

Information shared at the workshop could be brought back to future Board meetings for approval.