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The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) has released data showing who was responsible for collisions that cost nearly 350 motorcyclists their lives over the past 10 years.

Between 2012 and 2021, the OPP investigated 326 fatal motorcycle accidents that claimed the lives of 342 bikers. During the 10-year period, the deceased motorcyclists would have been the driver at fault in 60.7 percent of accidents, with 39.3 percent of those at fault were drivers of other vehicles.

One hundred and twenty (120) of fatalities were collisions involving a single motorcycle, with at least one other vehicle involved in the other 222 death.

The data is a stark reminder that there can be zero risk and error on the part of motorcyclists and that even the safest and most defensive motorcyclists must rely on nearby motorists exercising the same degree of safety in order to avoid provoking a fatal accident.

Excessive speed, failure to obey the right of way and driver inattention remain the major contributing factors to motorcyclist deaths investigated by the OPP each year.

With Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month marking the start of peak riding season, motorcyclists and other riders should be mindful of each other at all times and keep in mind that motorcycle safety is every rider’s responsibility.

The OPP reminds motorcyclists and drivers that sharing the road responsibly, obeying posted speed limits and banning alcohol, drugs and distractions from our roads are key to reducing the number of collisions, motorcycle injuries and fatalities.

The OPP encourages motorcyclists to follow them on social media throughout the month to view helpful motorcycle safety videos for both new and experienced riders.


Runners between 45-54 years old accounted for the highest number of motorcyclist fatalities on OPP patrolled roads in the past 10 years.

The Ontario Provincial Police responded to 34 fatal motorcycle collisions in 2021, which claimed the lives of 35 bikers.

Ontario Provincial Police