PA capital will remain in Amaravati: Pawan Kalyan

Strong points:

Criticizes the government for its failure to implement the total ban in a phased manner and to increase its income through the sale of alcohol

♦ Alleges that the ruling party uses the police as a private army

♦ Stating that JSP’s vote bank has increased significantly in recently held local polls, Pawan exudes confidence that JSP will comfortably win the 2024 elections

♦ Pledges to provide free sand to the poor for building houses and to fill all vacancies once the JSP is elected to power

Guntur: Jana Sena Party (JSP) Chairman Pawan Kalyan has said that the state capital will continue in Amaravati and it will not be moved to any other location. He addressed a meeting held at Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah Pranganam in Ippatam village of Guntur district on the occasion of the 9th day of Jana Sena party formation on Monday.

Speaking on this occasion, he recalled that when the YSRCP was in opposition, the party leaders agreed to set up the state capital in Amaravati. But after coming to power, they changed their position and decided to create three capitals. He wondered after spending Rs 3,000 crores for the development of the state capital, how it is possible to change the capital. He said that once a government has made a decision, successive governments should follow it.

He wondered how the YSRCP leaders could criticize the judiciary on the issue of the Amaravati capital. He alleged that YSRCP leaders used police as a private army. He recalled that YSRCP leaders had previously created problems for IPS officers who were working within the law.

Pawan Kalyan launched a scathing attack on the failures of the YSRCP government. The YSRCP government failed to fill vacancies in various departments and fulfill its election promise to abolish the CPS. The government is also unable to undertake repairs on the roads.

He criticized that instead of implementing a total ban in a phased manner, the government had increased its revenue through alcohol sales. He said that over the past two years, the government has earned Rs 45,000 crore from liquor sales. He pointed out that 18 people had lost their lives due to illicit alcohol consumption in West Godavari district.

He said Kakinada MP Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar made derogatory comments towards him. He urged TTD leader YV Subba Reddy to ask Dwarampudi to stop using foul language against him. If the MP did not change his attitude, Pawan warned that he would receive Bheemla Naik treatment.

Pawan pointed out that JSP’s vote bank had increased from 7% to 27% in the local elections held recently. He exuded confidence that the JSP will come to power in the state. The future of the state rests in the hands of JSP activists, he said.

The JSP leader said the party will continue its alliance with the BJP and ensure that there is no split in the anti-YSRCP votes in the upcoming State Assembly elections. Pawan assured that once the JSP is elected to power in the state, it will provide free sand for building houses to the poor and fill all vacancies in government departments.

JSP PAC chairman Nadendla Manohar, party leader K Nagababu and others were present.