Pakistan Supreme Court Judges Salary, Allowances and Privileges

*As of July 1, 2011

Salaries and Allowances of Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan

Salary and allowances Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court Justices
Salary 448,221 rupees* 423,414 rupees
Superior court allowance 196,219 rupees* 196,219 rupees
House renting Rs 68,000 (if official residence not provided) Rs 68,000 (if official residence not provided)
Medical allowance 15% of salary 15% of salary

*As of July 1, 2011

Privileges of all Justices of the Supreme Court of Pakistan:

  • Car with driver and 600 liters of gasoline
  • Free medical care with the family
  • Rent free residence maintained by the government with electricity, gas and water supply.

TA & DA Supreme Court justices on official business tour:

Per diem rate

  • Rs 3,000 per day Special rate

Concessions for long tours: While touring Pakistan for more than five days, a judge may –

  • To take his wife with him to his railroad saloon or other reserved lodgings, by rail or by sea, without payment of fare; and
  • If he is accompanied by his wife when traveling by air, charge an additional fare of the class in which she is actually traveling, but no charges for additional baggage carried by air beyond the free allowances may be applied.

Note: A return airfare will be purchased for the spouse whenever possible.

Mileage allowance

Transport subsidy

  • Equal to one month’s salary if a judge has a family and equal to half a month’s salary if a judge has no family.

Transportation costs

4,500 kilograms if a judge has a family 0.83 paisa per kilometer per kilogram
2,140 kilograms if a judge has no family Rs 1.66 per kilometer pre unit 20 kilograms
All privileges above are exempt from income tax

duty trip

  • If a judge, while sitting at the Circuit Bench, does not avail himself of a provincial government car or a car leased by the Supreme Court, he will have the option of being reimbursed for the extra gas up to competition of five liters per day for the period during which his roaster is fixed to a bench outside Islamabad plus two days for arrival and departure if these are not within the roaster’s control (excluding the day of departure and arrival in Islamabad) provided that the honorable judge concerned cannot reach his total monthly gasoline requirement within the limit of 400 liters.

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Pension and Other Benefits and Privileges for Retired Justices of the Supreme Court of Pakistan

Pension payable

  • A judge is entitled to the minimum amount of pension equal to 70% of salary determined by the President from time to time payable to the Chief Justice, or as the case may be, to a judge plus 5% of said salary for each year of service either as President of the Supreme Court, or as a judge not exceeding the maximum amount of pension equal to 85% of said salary.


  • Deployment of a security guard at the residence of the retired judge by the concerned police 24 hours a day
  • The Supreme Court Justice of Pakistan is entitled to purchase an official vehicle upon retirement at its depreciated value.

The judge’s widow receives

The retired Judge and after his death, his widow is entitled to the following benefits:

  • Service of a driver and a carer or to receive a Special Supplementary Pension equal to the pay and allowances of an auxiliary driver
  • 3,000 free local phone calls per month
  • 2,0000 units of electricity as well as 25 hm3 of gas per month and free water supply
  • 300 liters of gasoline per month

All of the above benefits granted to a retired judge or widow are exempt from income tax.

Note: The above information was submitted to the Senate on August 5, 2022 by Minister of Law and Justice Azam Nazeer Tarar.