Palm Coast City Council to Take Second Vote on Salary Increase Tuesday, April 19 | palm coast

The Palm Coast City Council meets regularly to discuss and vote on official city business. These meetings are open to the public and Palm Coast residents are strongly encouraged to attend. An increase in audience engagement helps build a sense of community, increases meaningful discussion, and decreases division.

A business meeting will be held beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Details of agenda items are listed below.

  • Palm Coast City Council will present a proclamation to volunteers on Palm Coast City Councils and Committees as well as Palm Coast Volunteer Firefighters. April is both Florida Volunteer Month and National Volunteer Week (April 17-23). The City of Palm Coast has over 70 volunteers who deserve special recognition for their contributions to the city. These volunteers assist our firefighters and firefighters and are members of our Code Enforcement Board, Town and Country Planning Review Board, Volunteer Firefighters Retirement Board, and Advisory Committee on beautification and the environment.
  • The Palm Coast City Council will present a proclamation to the Communications Unit of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office for National Public Safety Carriers Week. Sheriff’s Office dispatchers answer all emergency calls for fire, police, and medical services in Palm Coast and Flagler County. National Public Safety Carriers Week is held the second week of April each year.
  • The Palm Coast City Council will present a proclamation to the Family Life Center and the Flagler County Advocate Alliance and Flagler Sexual Assault Response Team to proclaim April Sexual Assault Awareness Month. These groups are dedicated to strengthening victims and survivors in the aftermath of crime, building the resilience of our communities and victim responders, and working for a brighter future for all victims and survivors.
  • The Palm Coast City Council will present a proclamation to the Family Life Center and the Flagler County Advocate Alliance and Victim’s Service Coalition of the 7th Judicial Circuit to proclaim April 24, 2022 through April 30, 2022 National Victims of Crime Rights Week. .
  • The Palm Coast Fire Department will recognize three volunteer firefighters with 30 years of service: Michelle LaMonica, Jim Lee and Howard Peiffer. The fire department integrates volunteer members alongside full-time career firefighters to help protect our community. The fire department operates a firefighter trainee, fire police, and associate member program.
  • The Communications and Marketing department along with the City’s BAM team will present an employee recognition video for April 2022 that features incredible City of Palm Coast employees who have gone above and beyond the scope of their jobs. to help members of the community or organization.
  • The Stormwater and Engineering Department will present a resolution to approve a work order with England Thims & Miller Inc. to provide engineering services for the final implementation of the water quality monitoring program . Based on the results of this first pilot project, the City wishes to continue collecting data at the R-1 station and install a new water quality station in another of the priority watersheds, the watershed of the Rivière Matanzas. The funds for this project have been budgeted in the FY 2022 Stormwater Engineering account.
  • The Department of Community Development will submit an order to modify the overall plan based on an evaluation and appraisal process. The City of Palm Coast adopted its first comprehensive plan in 2004. Proposed changes are initiated based on evaluation and appreciation of the comprehensive plan, as outlined in Florida’s bylaws. Every seven years, the City must determine whether it is necessary to modify the comprehensive plan to reflect changes in state requirements since the last update of the comprehensive plan 164. The last assessment update and appreciation of the overall plan dates back to 2015. This point was discussed for the first time during the business meeting of February 1, 2022.
  • The city attorney will introduce an order to enact a pay increase for the mayor and city council member. This proposed increase in Council remuneration is intended to ensure that public officials are not required to incur undue financial costs and burdens as a result of their public service. It is recognized that some reasonable level of remuneration for civil servants will encourage those who could not otherwise participate in local government to participate and expand the potential pool of candidates for municipal office. This point was first heard at the April 5, 2022 business meeting. At the April 12, 2022 workshop, City Council had a lengthy discussion about the amount of the proposed increase. The proposed order has been revised leaving a blank in the amount of the increase for consideration by the Board.

The following items will be presented as consent items for approval:

  • The Public Works Department will present a resolution approving the purchase of 2 JLG T350 Tow-Pro boom lifts, 1 hydraulic shovel and 1 trailer.
  • The Facilities Division of Public Works is requesting authority to supplement NJPA/Sourcewell, State of Minnesota Contract No. 070121 with Johnson Controls Inc., for the purchase of equipment, parts, installation and citywide HVAC and building automation services.

Other business:

The City Clerk will nominate candidates for the Town of Palm Coast Beautification and Environmental Advisory Committee. The mandate of the five members of the Beautification and Environment Advisory Committee (BEAC) expires on May 1, 2022. The candidates are:

o Mr. Robert Branin District 1

o Mr. Charles Doak District 4

o Ms. Sabrina Rinaldi District 4

o Mr. Kevin Saint District 1

o Mr. Jeffrey Seib* District 4

§ *M. Jeffrey Seib served two consecutive terms. This nomination would require a four-fifths (4/5) vote of the Board to reappoint Mr. Seib for a third term.

o Mr. Ronald Silvers District 4

o Mrs. Mary Vasilevsky District 4

o Mr. Joseph Wright Jr District 4

Public comments will be open at the beginning and end of the business meeting in accordance with Florida Statutes Section 286.0114 and in accordance with City Council Meeting Policies and Procedures. Each speaker will approach the podium, provide their name and may speak for up to 3 minutes.

Palm Coast City Council meetings are generally held three times a month. A business meeting at 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month, a workshop meeting at 9 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month and a business meeting at 9 a.m. on the third Tuesday of the month. All meetings are held in the Community Wing of City Hall at 160 Lake Avenue in Palm Coast.

Business meetings and workshops are open to the public and streamed live on the City’s YouTube channel. Agendas for all public meetings are posted prior to each meeting on the City’s website. All agendas can be viewed here.

If you would like more information regarding the City Council agenda, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 386-986-3713. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals requiring assistance in participating in any of these proceedings should contact the City Clerk at 386-986-3713, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

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