People’s comments on the 30% salary increase –

By: Nyima Sillah

Dozens of citizens have expressed dismay at the government’s 30% salary increase compared to the 100% increase promised during the campaign period by the current government.

The 30% increase sparked so much debate on social media that many saw it as a political strategy to touch the hearts of voters.

In an interview, Ebrahim Sowe said that if the government knew that the 100% increase would not be met, it would have been better if it had targeted low salaries, especially the police, the army, teachers, etc. .

“If you want to raise the salaries of civil servants or government employees to 30%, that means you are trying to garden what we call a pure capitalist society where the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer,” he said. -he declares.

“The 30% will be efficient and will gather more figures from the side of those who earn, for example, 40,000 D than those who earn 5,000 D a month and if you look at their responsibilities, the ministers are not very responsible more than n ‘any low-wage earner,’ he said.

According to him, he said that it would have been better if the government had created a gap between the increase for example 30% for civil servants, 10 or 15% for ministers “but a parallel increase of 30% is not important it will not help Gambians to advance or grow.

In her reaction to the increase, Amie Faye, said that political strategies were discussed. “We have to see how to increase our exports. It shouldn’t be agriculture, we should build factories to create jobs and employment, look at our GDP, look at the tourism sector, ports look for what can attract people from outside the world who can bring to The Gambia and use our services. These are the things we need to work on to meet the challenges we face.

She said the government should have excluded high earners, ranging from deputy permanent secretaries to the president who already earns reasonably enough from the pay rise, and focused on those struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis.

She expressed her disappointment with the members of the National Assembly saying they allowed themselves to be used by the president.

However, Lamin Fatty said, “Gambian ministers will have 15,000 dalasis added to their monthly salary of 50,000 dalasis. While civil servants will have 750 dalasis added to their salaries and cannot even buy a bag of rice. This increase should have been specifically based on low-income people. The government is not fair to us and this is going to be a total failure for all of us.

“It is a sad reality that ministers will get richer and the informal sector will suffer the most. This government is not worried about inflation, rising fuel prices, food prices and the poor performance of the economy which is seriously affecting the lives and livelihoods of citizens. An increase of at least 45% would have been preferable, but 30% is clearly below the norm compared to the amount that was said,” explained Mariama Jallow.

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