Police Crime Statistics Reveal: Incidents of Domestic Violence Increase 17.7% in Greater Bendigo | Bendigo Advertiser

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Data released Thursday by the Crime Statistics Agency revealed an increase in the number of incidents of domestic violence, stalking and harassment in Greater Bendigo over the past year, despite an overall drop in crime. There has been a 17.7 percent increase in family incidents in the region in the past 12 months through the end of September. This is the largest increase in Grand Bendigo in five years. More news: Overall, criminal incidents declined 0.8% in the region in 2021, with a total of 8,002 recorded events. Kangaroo Flat, Long Gully and Eaglehawk all saw incidents drop, while numbers rose in Bendigo and Golden Square. The top five offenses in Greater Bendigo included stealing a motor vehicle, violating a domestic violence order, other thefts, violating bail conditions, and criminal damages. In Victoria as a whole, however, total crime was down 10%, a reduction of 55,128 fewer offenses. Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner (Regional Operations) Rick Nugent said the reduction was a “really good” result. The drop in crime precipitated a 9.3% drop in the total number of victims, down to more than 27,000. However, several worrying increases were recorded. Like Bendigo, Victoria (statewide) has seen an increase in stalking and threatening behavior. These incidents increased by 10.6% according to the data. Sexual offenses increased 4% and there was a 2.1% increase in assaults, jumping from almost 1,000 to 46,081 recorded cases. Incidents of domestic violence increased 2.8%, as did the incident rate, which increased 3.1%. Family violence order violations – which account for about half of all family violence offenses – increased 7.8 percent. More news: Mr Nugent said there was a spike in domestic violence at the start of each of the six lockdowns, during which the Victorians endured more than 200 days at home. “But after the initial lockdown, those numbers then stabilized,” he said. “We always know that domestic violence is underreported – underreported in many categories and cohorts of people.” The sectarian community, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the elderly, the LGBTIQ community and also People with Disabilities. “- AAP Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content: