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Four innocent bystanders injured in recent shooting in Metro Vancouver: police

Incidents suspected to be related to lower level drug transactions

Police say recent shootings in Metro Vancouver that injured four innocent bystanders appear to be linked to street-level drug trafficking.

Supt. Ghalib Bhayani, the RCMP’s operations officer in the Lower Mainland, says since last April gang-fighting teams have been expanded and gun violence has decreased by the end of last year.

In a statement, Supt. Duncan Pound of the British Columbia Gang Team says his investigations into shootings in Langley, Surrey and Coquitlam – in which one person was killed and bystanders were injured – indicate they appear to be linked to drug trafficking.

Pound says police don’t believe there are any direct links to the Lower Mainland gang conflict.

He says street-level violence can escalate, attracting conflict-linked groups from gangs.

But he says police departments are working together to make sure the violence doesn’t escalate.

—The Canadian Press