Police Officer TSLPRB SI 2022 Salary Job Profile Promotion 16587 Vacancies

TSLPRB Police Officer and SI 2022: The Telangana State Police Recruitment Board (TSLPRB) has issued an order to fill 16,587 vacancies in various categories, including 16,185 vacancies under Chief Police Officer, Hyderabad and 402 vacancies under the General Manager, Telangana Special Protection Force, Secunderabad through direct recruitment mode. The Telangana State Police Recruitment Board will arrange for direct recruitment to vacancies authorized to be filled in this Order by obtaining the required details such as the vacancy at the local cadre level, points on the list, qualifications, etc., with the secretary and heads of departments concerned. In this article, we have shared the salary, job profile, promotion for 16,587 vacancies for police officer and TSLPRB sub-inspector.

TSLPRB Police Officer and SI 2022 Important Dates

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TSLPRB and SI Police Officer Vacancies 2022


Job name

Number of posts

director general of police


Police officer (civilian)



Police Officer (AR)



Police officer (TSSP)



Police Officer (IT&C)



Police officer (driver) PTO



Police officer (mechanic) PTO



Police Officer (SARCPL)



Sub-inspector (civilian)



Reserve Police Sub-Inspector (AR)



Reserve Police Sub-Inspector (TSSP)



Sub-Inspector (IT&C)



Deputy Inspector (PTO)



Reserve Police Sub-Inspector (SARCPL)



Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police (FPB)



Science Officer (FSL)



Scientific Assistant (FLS)



Laboratory Technician (FSL)



Laboratory attendant (FSL)




Director General of the Special Protection Force


Police officer (FPS)



Deputy Inspector of Police (SPF)






TSLPRB Police Officer and SI Salary 2022

The basic salary of the TBLPRB Police Constable will be Rs 16,400 to Rs 49,870 and that of the TBLPRB Police Sub-Inspector (SI) will be Rs 28,940 to Rs 78,910. In addition to the basic salary , they will also receive compensation,

TSLPRB Police Officer and SI 2022 Allowances

  • High cost allowance (DA)
  • Collection of leave
  • Housing Rent Allowance (HRA)
  • Medical allowance
  • Eligibility, Quantum and Switching
  • Travel Allowance (TA)
  • Secondment allowance
  • High altitude allowance
  • Municipal compensatory indemnity

TSLPRB and SI Police Officer Job Profile 2022

TSLPRB Police Officer: Role and Duties

(i) Perform duties in patrols, rounds and pickets,

(ii) Monitoring of recorded backgrounds and other potential criminals in accordance with orders,

(iii) Collection of information and intelligence relating to crimes and criminal, subversive, terrorist and anti-social elements in their respective fields,

(iv) Develop friendly relations with local maithri committees / voluntary organizations and household acquaintance in the battered area,

(v) Transmitting information relating to persons and events which are causing or are likely to cause a situation of public order or general unrest,

(vi) Keep track of local conflicts, caste/community connotations and inform SHO,

(vii) Assist investigators with searches, arrests, recoveries, identification, securing and verification of witnesses,

(viii) Execute warrants, promptly serve summonses, escort prisoners, arrested persons, escort injured or dead to hospital, guard prisoners in custody and all station property, guard and preserve places of the event until the necessity ceases,

(ix) Help to deal with earthquakes, floods, accidents, fires, epidemics, etc. and make responsible efforts to save lives and property,

(x) Perform assigned duties at festivals, fairs, Bundhs, riots, commotions, elections, large assemblies, bandos, security duties and any other duties assigned by SHO or other senior officers ,

(xi) Behave courteously with all sections of the public and treat the poor, women, children, the elderly and all weaker sections of society with a helpful and empathetic attitude,

(xii) Be punctual and regular during duty hours, physical training, weekly parades, etc.,

(xiii) Work as data entry operators in computers and in the fields of reprography, photography and cartography wherever they have the necessary skills, make entries in the prescribed register, keep records relating to the respective beat zone

TSLPRB Deputy Inspector of Police (SI): Role and Duties

(i) Maintaining public order, preventing and detecting crime, investigating and prosecuting offenses within his jurisdiction, enhancing personal leadership and supervising the duties and work of all personnel and men entrusted to him, including their welfare, discipline and morale,

(ii) Organize and actively participate in the prevention and detection of crime, the maintenance of public order and counter-terrorism operations, the dispersal of unlawful assemblies and the prevention of breaches of peace and public order ,

(iii) Organize beats and patrols and his personal supervision, design and implement policing programs suitable for such hunted areas and ensure the cooperation of public and maithri committees,

(iv) To visit the villages, localities of his station unit, maintain good public relations within the boundaries of his station, maintain effective surveillance of bad characters, anti-social elements, thugs in the areas under his responsibility,

(v) Maintain a high professional standard, be well informed in his field of duties, collect relevant information on important matters relating to the police functions and his functions and communicate them to his immediate superiors police officers,

(vi) Obtain prompt information on activities in the field of communal, caste, political or other segments of society, including subversive elements and identify hotspots and troublemakers, and undertake effective preventive measures such that the initiation of security procedures under Cr. computer

(vii) Responsible for the investigation of all cases reported in his jurisdiction, except those for which the investigation is entrusted to the inspector / DSP or other senior officers or to the CID,

(viii) Arriving promptly at the scene of the crime and examining it thoroughly for clues and other investigative matters, arranging for the preservation of the scene, using available scientific methods for the investigation,

(ix) Conduct an investigation by identifying, preserving, collecting and transmitting material to scientific experts, collecting documentary and oral evidence, conducting an investigation if necessary and transmitting bodies for autopsy, interviewing witnesses and recording their statements precisely,

(x) Carry out searches, seize material, if necessary, in accordance with the provisions of Cr. P. C, arrest people if necessary, send them to pre-trial detention in time, transmit the weapons and objects seized to the court, obtain the investigation report from the junior officers delegated to the investigation,

(xi) Regularly write case logs, forward them to senior officers, finalize cases without delay, file indictments when there is sufficient evidence, promptly serve subpoenas, execute warrants, obtain copies of judgments in case of acquittal,

(xii) Inspect drill and kit of subordinates, hold television, video, other visual aids, radio programs, special program for station policemen to be psychologically oriented to discharge their duties.

TSLPRB Police Officer and SI Class of 2022/Career Growth/Police Ranks

Applicants can find the police ranks below:

  • Director General of Police (DGP)
  • Additional Director General of Police (Addl. DGP)
  • Inspector General of Police (IGP)
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)
  • Superintendent of Police (SP)
  • Addl. Superintendent of Police (Addl. SP)
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)
  • Inspector of Police (Insp.)
  • Police Sub-Inspector (SI)
  • Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police (ASI)
  • Chief Constable (HC)
  • Police Officer (PC)