Police release crime statistics for October and November

POLICE officers in Shetland were busy in October and November, new figures show.

Data provided to community councils highlights that there were 333 incidents recorded in Lerwick in those two months.

This included a number of traffic violations, three assaults, 15 “noisy neighbor” cases, 16 acts of vandalism and five people found in possession of drugs.

Following reports of anti-social conduct by young people around the city center, officers found a “substantial reduction in these offenses and the use of ASBO legislation has been rigorously enforced.”

Several drug packages were again intercepted at the Lerwick post office during the period.

Meanwhile, 57 incidents were recorded in the Delting region in October and November, including one person charged with drunk driving and another with drugged driving.

There were also seven people in the Delting area charged with driving without a valid MOT and seven others charged with speeding.

In Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale, 42 incidents were recorded, including four traffic accidents, one theft and one assault.

Twenty-nine incidents were recorded in Dunrossness, including possession of an offensive weapon, while in Scalloway there were 23 incidents including one fraud.

In other areas of the Shetland Community Council:

  • In Sandwick, 17 incidents were recorded, including drunk driving and damage to a vehicle
  • There were 16 in Northmavine, including one flight
  • In the region of Gulberwick, Cunningsburgh and Quarff, 14 incidents were recorded, including driving with disqualification and without insurance, and two traffic accidents
  • In Burra and Trondra, 14 incidents were recorded
  • In Yell there were 11, including a vandalism
  • For Sandsting and Aithsting, 10 incidents were recorded during the period
  • There were six in Unst, four in Walls and Sandness, two in Fetlar, two in Whalsay and one in Nesting and Lunnasting.