Police share Memorial Day weekend traffic stats

(WTNH) – Memorial Day weekend resulted in 5,000 service calls, 282 accidents on state roads and six fatalities.

State police handed out 454 speeding tickets, made 32 impaired driving arrests and wrote 96 seat belt violation tickets over the holiday weekend.

As Memorial Day weekend came to an end and traffic died down, people began to return to normal routines. Memorial Day was an amplified holiday, especially for drivers. News 8 spoke to people who described what they saw on country roads over the bank holiday weekend.

“Coming from work on I-84 I just got cut off, they just slammed right past me with no indication of anything, also someone going the wrong way, yeah to s’ stop and turn around on the freeway,” shared a Connecticut driver.

Every driver News 8 spoke with shared that they had been cut off and there were people running alongside them at reckless speeds. When commuters were asked if they were surprised by Memorial Day weekend traffic, they said this type of driving happens every day, every night, on Connecticut’s freeways.

With more than 5,000 service calls over the three-day weekend, photographer Kevin Frederick pulled out his calculator and started crunching the numbers, one call every minute for 72 hours straight, was a week busy end for Memorial Day.