Police statistics reveal a significant increase in “cybercrime cases”; Report

According to Mumbai Police statistics, from January to July this year, a total of 2,953 cybercrime cases were recorded in the city compared to 1,632 cases during the same period last year. According to statistics, the majority of cases involve online fraud, followed by credit/debit card fraud, obscene emails, text messages and social media posts.

According to statistics, 2,953 cases have been registered this year, with only 141 cases detected and 198 people arrested. With 1,321 cases, online cheating tops the list, followed by credit/debit card fraud (916) and lewd email/SMS/MMS cases (232).

Police classified 1,321 cases of online cheating into eleven categories, including 122 cases of online purchase fraud, loan fraud (76), employment fraud (67), customs/gift fraud (46) , fake website fraud (43), investment fraud (20), marriage fraud (19), cryptocurrency fraud (12), insurance/provident fund fraud (9), fraud at admission (4) and other cases of online cheating (903).

A closer look at cybercrime cases revealed that 77 cases of fake social media profiles/morphine emails/SMS were reported this year, followed by sextortion (55), hacking (43), phishing/man- in-the-middle attack/mail spoofing (29), pornography (20), data theft (9) and source code tampering (9). (seven). No cases of source code tampering or purchase fraud had been detected.