Police statistics show SF Boudin district attorney’s office has fewer violent crimes than former SF DA, now VEEP Kamala Harris

By Darling Gonzalez

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin is ‘forced into a recall election’ on June 7, 2022, but it begs the question of how effective former prosecutors have been in slashing rates crime, according to a press article.

On NBC Investigative Unit, Bigad Shaban noted that Boudin and his supporters said the recall is a “Republican-backed, Republicans-funded, recall effort.” [similar to] Governor Newsom’s recall effort.

The Investigation Unit reported that Boudin said: “It has nothing to do with the facts or the real challenges our communities are facing… it has everything to do with disrespecting the will of the people. “

In response to the NBC Investigative Unit article, “SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin Officially Forced To Recall Election Next June,” journalist and blogger Matthew Yglesias tweeted, “She won’t. ever would, but it’s an easy opportunity here for Kamala Harris to tell the SF DA office was better when she was running it and has become more popular.

However, this tweet was quickly followed by a quote tweet hours later by criminal defense attorney David Menschel.

“Every year Kamala Harris was a prosecutor, violent crime in San Francisco was higher than it is today. And it was more punitive than today, ”Menschel tweeted.

Backed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Crime Data Explorer, Harris’ tenure as DA in San Francisco between 2004 and 2010 shows a substantial increase in violent crime reported by the San Francisco Police Department.

The FBI Crime Data Explorer has shown an increase in crimes reported to the San Francisco Police Department from 5,757 in 2004 to 6,744 in 2008, two years before Harris’s tenure as a San Francisco prosecutor ended.

On the other hand, at the start of his mandate in 2020, DA Boudin demonstrated a decrease in crime with a minimum of 4,796 crimes reported to the SF police department.

These reported crimes show a decrease of 961 from the start of his tenure as former DA Harris and a total decrease of 1,948 reported crimes in 2008 from DA Boudin’s tenure in 2020.

Yet DA Boudin and former DA Harris incorporated similar tactics into their approach to crime in San Francisco, according to national reports.

In the New Yorker article, “The Trial of Chesa Boudin,” Benjamin Wallace-Wells reported: “Sometimes Boudin has fallen back on a less transformative approach, the one her predecessor Kamala Harris used when she spoke. to be “crime smart,” not tough on crime, that is, selective enforcement. “

The NBC investigative unit mentioned that while there have been a significant number of signatures for DA Boudin’s recall, some supporters have confidence in the rejection of the recall by voters in San Francisco.

Julie Edwards, spokesperson for the Friends of Chesa Boudin Opposing the Recall, said: “We are confident that the voters of San Francisco will reject this effort funded and approved by Republicans… this recall effort is an attempt to reverse the reforms that DA Boudin promulgated. to ensure our safety and to make the criminal justice system fairer, ”the NBC Investigative Unit reported.

Boudin told his supporters he had kept his campaign promises and pledged to continue fighting the recall effort.