Portland City Auditor candidate slammed for late campaign finance filings

The Oregon Secretary of State’s Elections Division plans to fine Simone Rede, candidate for Portland City Auditor, following a complaint that the city’s finance committee Rede’s campaign was slow to disclose more than 30 transactions.

“We have reviewed the submitted information and determined that the transactions were filed late,” SOS spokesman Ben Morris said. “We will follow our normal process to assess civil penalties for late-filed transactions.”

The move follows a complaint filed March 31 by Portland accountant Joan Horton alleging the Friends of Simone Rede committee was late in reporting at least 33 contributions totaling more than $49,400, in addition to eight expenses totaling more than $49,400. $940.

“I detected late transactions, which my volunteer treasurer reported to the city, but not to the state,” Rede said. WW. “I have corrected the error and the Oregon Electoral Division is satisfied with my actions. Additionally, I have hired a professional treasurer to ensure timely reporting to the city and state. And as any good listener, i also check this work.

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The Division of Elections has not yet determined the amount of the fine. As Morris notes, “We routinely issue civil penalties for late and/or insufficiently filed transactions.”

However, the penalty is more notable in a race for the auditor because whoever is elected will oversee the Municipal Elections Division, which enforces Portland’s campaign finance regulations.

Rede is in the running to succeed current City Auditor Mary Hull Caballero, who is not running for re-election. She faces an opponent: Brian Setzler, a CPA from Portland.