Primary school teacher’s salary: her weekly financial diary.

Our morning starts at 7am when the baby wakes up and we feed him while my husband makes me coffee. Hello Fresh arrived overnight and needs to be unpacked. I usually manage a piece of toast before we tackle a nap. Then I go in for a second breakfast of something a bit more substantial – eggs or muesli, fruit and yoghurt.

We repeat this cycle two more times with a late morning nap, then the early arvo nap with lunch pressed in between (leftover pasta from the night before). In the middle of the afternoon, I’m bored and I need a change of scenery.

Baby and I take a trip to Kmart and he’s screaming the whole way. I’m buying a silicone scrub brush ($3) because we’re about to tackle cloth diapers when my order arrives next week. I also buy a photo album ($8) and a little embroidery kit ($5) to keep me occupied when the baby sleeps unheld.

My day takes a bit of a disastrous turn when we have a car accident on the way home. Fortunately, only my ego is injured (since I caused the accident!) and we are insured. We go to the police station to report the accident, then we go home for dinner – a Hello Fresh recipe.

Daily total: $16 + a voucher on our $600 insurance deductible.


Our morning goes pretty much the same as yesterday, but I manage to run a run using the Keep It Cleaner 0-5 km program. Baby and I are going for a drive to visit relatives. We have lunch there and spend a few hours there.

We come home and take an afternoon nap while my husband works from home. Then we walk around the neighborhood. My husband picks up his mom from the airport and they pick up dinner on the way home (his cry – bonus!). We eat and put the baby to bed before going to bed. No money spent!

Daily total: $0.


Same start to the day – fruit and muesli for breakfast. My mother-in-law arrives at 10am – we’re going to drive into town as she has an appointment and I’m catching up with my cousins ​​for a walk along the river.

After our walk, we head to my mother’s house. She had bought some sushi, so I snuck in two of her rolls for my lunch. We go to the convenience store to get a quote for my car, then we stop at a bakery on the way back to buy a cake ($26) for our friend since it’s her birthday tomorrow. We also treat ourselves to a slice of banana ($2.60).

We walk around the block again and begin our usual evening routine. I cook another Hello Fresh recipe for dinner and manage to put the baby to bed at 7 p.m. Completely blinded by freedom, we make absolutely no use of it and watch another episode of Drug before going to bed at the same time, we always would.

Daily total: $28.60.

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