Private developers behind illegal eviction in Pumwani, Eastleigh remain a mystery » Capital News

NAIROBI, Kenya March 3 – The faces behind private developers accused of unlawful evictions of residents from Nairobi City Water and Sewerage staff quarters in Eastleigh and Pumwani are still hidden.

This is after the Nairobi Metropolitan Services failed to provide the Senate Decentralization Committee with details of the legal landowners.

During his appearance before senators, Director of Lands and Legal Affairs Stephen Mwangi asked for more time to reveal details of the bona fide owner of the property.

“The allotments were made many years ago and if you ask me who owns each plot, I won’t be able to find out. I ask the committee to give me more time to find out when the allotments were made and the details of the issuance of title deeds. This is a serious matter,” Mwangi said.

The Vesting Committee has given the NMS Lands and Legal Director until March 7 to provide the names of the owners of the disputed properties allegedly seized.

It was even then that they summoned NMS Chief Executive Mohammed Badi and Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to appear within seven days to explain why residents of the Pumwani and Eastleigh lands were evicted under surveillance of police using the state apparatus.

“We want to know the owner who claims this land. We want to know this dark character. Even if you own a particular piece of land, why not challenge it in court and give people an eviction notice. Why would you want to deport people in the middle of the night, ”said Senator Nandi Alfred Cheruyoit.

The senators raised concerns about the existence of a land grabbing scheme in the country, with private developers grabbing public assets in the name of the National Police Service.

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The disputed land in the Pumwani staff quarters is believed to have been awarded to the National Police Service for the construction of a police station, but at the moment a petrol station sits on the property.

“As we speak, the matter is being investigated by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission. I will bring the records and the EACC has investigated the matter. There is a ongoing case between EACC and land allocators, this case NMS is witness in the case,” Mwangi said.

The Senate Decentralization Committee headed by Homa Bay Senator Moses Kajwang is investigating allegations that the entity headed by General Mohammed Badi has been directly involved in land grabbing by assisting in illegal land evictions.

The property owned by Pumwani staff quarters and the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) where NMS evicted residents with private developers taking over ownership of the property is in dispute.

Members of the decentralization committee who visited the two sites are investigating the two alleged cases of land grabbing following an intervention in a statement by the senator named Millicent Omanga.

Private developers began building rental properties on the disputed plot after residents were evicted in June 2021.

The senators turned their guns blazing on General Badi, claiming that his entity had taken over the management of Nairobi City County to encourage illegal land grabbing in the devolved unit.