Riverton Police Department quarterly report statistics reflect decrease in calls for service

(Riverton, Wyoming) –Capt. Wes Romero presented the Riverton Police Department’s Quarterly Report statistics for the top 10 calls for service during a presentation to Riverton City Council on Tuesday evening.

Service calls for the 2021-2022 quarter fell from 2,195 to 1,923. The report also reflects a decrease over the past five years, from 11,873 calls in 2017 to 9,570 calls in 2021. The top ten categories include animal problems, citizen assistance, loose dogs, intoxicated persons, traffic accidents with property damage, suspicious persons. /Circumstance, Trespass/Unwanted Person, VIN Number Inspection, Arrest Warrant and Wellness Check.

Mayor Richard Gard noted the decrease in the Intoxicated Person category to nearly a thousand. Romero said they did some research and found that the tribes had issued vouchers to some members for motel rooms “which is great progress for all of us,” he said.

The mayor also noted the decline in arrest warrants in 2020 compared to the increase in 2021. “A lot of that stemmed from COVID in the jail and the issues there, and just not take as many as we normally would,” Romero said. . “With that kind of openness, we’re already starting to see an increase in our arrest warrants now, just because now they can be placed there, so guys [officers] are going out and looking for the warrants.

Outstanding warrants can be found on the City of Riverton website under the “Municipal Court” department. here.

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