RSLPF releases crime statistics for 2021

Deputy Police Commissioner for Crime Management Andre Collymore gave a brief update on homicide statistics for 2021.

Collymore said that to date, 74 homicides have been recorded, of which 20 have been solved by the Royal Saint Lucia Police, a resolution rate of 27.78%.

“Some situations are about to be resolved, but due to technical difficulties and the reluctance of some witnesses, we are unable to resolve some of these issues.

Collymore says that in an ongoing operation 120 police officers were deployed to the south of the island during which they seized money, motorcycles and cannabis.

“I would like to thank the general public for helping the RSLPF solve most of these issues,” he said, but stressed that the obstacle to resolving cases rests on the shoulders of those who do. do not want to cooperate.

According to him, in the coming year, new processes will be implemented, one of which is an initiative, led by the RSLPF and the Forensic Lab, where firearms will be tested on the island to be sent overseas to get results.

He says it will help reduce the delay in testing.

He thanked both the French authorities in Martinique for their training, and the American government for their assistance in the siege which took place at Vieux Fort, where several weapons were apprehended.