Sacramento’s 2021 crime stats explained

In 2021, the city recorded 58 homicides, the highest number of homicides in Sacramento since 2006.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – In 2021, the city of Sacramento saw a significant increase in murders, rapes, assaults and gun crimes compared to previous years, according to a Sacramento Police Department video press release.

Wednesday, the Sacramento Police Department released a video explaining the city’s 2021 crime statistics and how they plan to tackle violent crime in 2022.

In 2021, there were 58 homicides in Sacramento, the highest number of homicides in the city since 2006.

“2021 has been challenging for the Sacramento community and our department as we have seen a significant increase in homicides, shootings, assaults and other crimes,” Sacramento Police Department spokesman Chad Lewis said. in a video press release.

While these increases are concerning, Lewis says in the video that they coincide with national crime trends, as homicides in major US cities are up 44% from 2019.

Here’s a look at Sacramento’s 2021 crime statistics:

  • 753 shooting reports, a 25% increase over 2020
  • 256 reports of fatalities, an increase of 17% compared to 2020
  • 1,673 firearms seized, a 34% increase from 2020
  • 1,166 arrests for illegal possession of firearms, a 38% increase from 2020
  • Of those arrests, 410 of the firearms turned out to be “phantom guns”

Crime categories with significant increases in 2021:

  • Crimes of rape: 31% increase compared to 2020
  • Flight: 27% increase compared to 2020
  • Full Assault: 16% increase compared to 2020
  • Motor vehicle theft: 26% increase compared to 2020
  • Flight: 9% increase compared to 2020

According to Sacramento Police, so far in 2022, the city has already seen the tragic impact of gun violence on our community, with the most notable incident of gun violence being the K Street shooting that left six died in April.

“As a police department, we remain committed to combating all forms of violent crime through a comprehensive approach that includes feedback and contributions from you, the community, to work to reduce violence in our city through the collaboration,” Lewis said.

Lewis also says Sacramento police are committed to using cutting-edge technology, including its ShotSpotter gunshot detection system that alerts officers to gunshot incidents in real time, to make the city safer. .

Summary of 2021 year-end crime statistics

In 2021, we saw an increase in many crime categories and a significant increase in seizures of firearms, including privately manufactured firearms (PMFs). The attached video further explains our 2021 year-end crime statistics and explains how we will continue to tackle violent crime in 2022.

posted by Sacramento Police Department Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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