San Francisco crime stats since Chesa Boudin recall

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco voted to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin on June 7, with 55.03% of voters saying they favor removing the progressive district attorney before his term ends. Many cited crime in the city and a perceived reluctance by Boudin to pursue criminals as the reason they wanted him out.

While the city’s homicide rate hasn’t changed much, car burglaries have increased 45% since 2019. In 2021, hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders jumped by 567%.

San Francisco Homicide Prosecutor Brooke Jenkins left the district attorney’s office due to Boudin’s handling of homicide cases. “Chesa Boudin has been unable to properly execute reform or promote public safety and achieve justice,” she wrote.

While elected in June, Boudin remained in office until Thursday. On July 7, the Mayor of London Breed selected Jenkins to take over as the new City Solicitor.

The residents who ousted Boudin hoped crime would drop with a greater threat of prosecution, but has crime really dropped in San Francisco since the election? Here’s what the numbers say.

The San Francisco Police Department has public data for several crimes until July 3. For this story, KRON4 compared data from the 26 days after Boudin was removed from office (June 8 to July 3) to the previous 26 days (May 13 to June 7).

Before recall (13/05-07/06) After recall (6/8-7/3)
Homicides 6 4
rapes 17 17
Flights 158 205
Assaults 203 215
Human trafficking 3 1
Burglaries 433 360
Motor vehicle theft 421 401
Criminal fire 19 24
Larceny flights 2,155 2019
Data from

Figures show that some crime rates did indeed drop after the recall. There were two fewer homicides in the 26 days after his election, compared to the same period before the election.

The crime with the most notable drop was burglary, which fell from 433 in 26 days before the recall to 360 after. Burglaries were one of the crimes on which critics felt Boudin was being too lenient. Thefts with larceny have also been on the decline.

Meanwhile, other crimes have increased since the election. Reported thefts numbered 205 in the 26 days following his deportation, up from 158 in the previous period. Assaults and arson also saw a slight increase.